Is Maca Root Safe for Animals?

Is Maca Root Safe for Animals?

Posted by The Maca Team on 9th Nov 2023

News pundits are lamenting the drop in birth rates around the world, but that doesn’t mean human beings have lost their nurturing instincts. In fact, the percentage of Americans who own pets has spiked in recent years - so much so that an estimated 66% of U.S. households are said to have at least one pet currently. Whether you share your home with a dog, a cat, or a reptile, odds are you’re doing your best to make sure they live as safely and comfortably as possible. That means you’re thinking carefully about what foods they can enjoy, choosing products that will keep them at their healthiest.

Did you know that maca root can help with that?

Why Maca for Pets?

Pets are like people in that there are foods that are beneficial for them, and others that are incredibly dangerous. It’s commonly known that dogs, for example, should be kept far away from chocolate, and that exposure to lilies can be life-threatening for cats. In addition to species-specific risks, it’s important to recognize that our pets are individuals with their own particular sensitivities.

You can’t expect your pets to know that for themselves, though. And you can’t always keep up with, say, a mischievous cat on prescription food who insists on eating paper. But you can make sure you’re supplementing their diet with foods that will nurture their health and happiness.

Maca has been recognized by vets and animal care professionals as a “functional food,” a term referring to foods that can have a positive impact beyond basic nutrition on those consuming it. This can include many of the benefits reported by human consumers, which include improving adrenal health, reducing stress, and boosting libido and fertility levels.

How Does Maca Affect Animals?

Research on animals is a contentious topic, but it has given us a lot of valuable health data over the years. While maca has been praised for its health benefits for centuries, studies performed in laboratories in recent years have confirmed a lot of what’s long been known by residents of the Andes where maca root originates from.

For example, it’s research on bovine (cow) sperm quantity and quality that’s helped back the stories of maca root improving fertility. Another study found that regular consumption of maca root increased litter size in healthy adult female mice. Reports of maca’s impact on preserving and improving cognitive function, as well as maca’s ability to improve your mood and reduce anxiety have gotten a lot of weight from laboratory research performed on animals. And on the whole, it’s been found that adding maca to an animal’s diet can improve its health and comfort.

Purchasing Maca for Animals

While there are some maca products marketed especially for animals, they can enjoy the same kinds of maca root enjoyed by their human parents. Our raw and premium maca root powders contain only 100% organic maca sourced directly from Peru. Keep in mind that your furry (or scaly) friend’s serving size will depend on their size and weight! There have been some anecdotal accounts of maca giving dogs gas, and you’d probably rather avoid giving Fido too much too soon.

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