Meet Maca Blue

Meet Maca Blue

Posted by The Maca Team on 14th Oct 2022

Meet Maca Blue, our newest maca superfood blend! This superfood powder is meant to give a healthy energy boost and increased immune function. The best part is that there are only two organic and whole ingredients: Tri-color Gelatinized Maca Powder and Blue Spirulina.

A Perfect Pair

This special pairing of maca and spirulina is the result of our high quality Peruvian grown tri-color maca root powder and U.S. grown blue spirulina powder. The combination provides the benefits of all three of the maca colors (red, yellow, and black) as well as that of the blue spirulina, which is the most potent part of spirulina.

Maca root powder serves as a natural hormone balancer and energy booster, while the impact of blue spirulina powder is linked to positive health benefits such as immune system stimulation, liver protection, and heart health.

Maca Blue can be enjoyed at any time of day – whenever you need a boost. We do prefer taking it in the morning, and please be mindful if you take maca powder at night. Its potency might make it harder for you when it’s bedtime.

Benefits of Maca Blue

When combined, Maca and Blue Spirulina provide a boost of energy, endurance, and immunity. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to adding this superfood blend to your diet!

  1. Feel Fulfilled - Both maca and spirulina powders alone are nutrient dense foods, but the combination of the two packs a big punch of functional nutrition. After enjoying Maca Blue, you’re likely to feel full for a longer amount of time, and it can be a useful tool for weight loss.
  2. Improve Your Energy and Focus - Maca Blue will not just give you an energy boost, but also add another level to your mental focus, more so than just plain maca powder. You’ll gradually notice you’ll have more sustained energy throughout the day.
  3. Better Workouts and Recovery - Over time, you’re likely to notice stronger workouts and your recovery time to be less when taking Maca Blue.

Brilliant Blue Maca Smoothie Recipe

Maca Blue Chilled WIth Ice

● 1 tbsp Maca Blue Powder
● ½ medium banana
● 1 cup nut milk (warm or cool)
● Pinch of salt

Simply blend these ingredients together and enjoy immediately!

For more inspiration on how to enjoy maca, check out our maca recipes section. If you’ve got an amazing Maca Blue recipe that you’d like to share, send them in, as we at The Maca Team would love to hear about it!

We’re excited to see you try out maca blue and how it’ll impact you! To learn more about Maca blue and place an order, click here.

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