Peruvian Maca Powder - A Traditional Superfood

Posted by The Maca Team on 3rd Apr 2015

In a world of genetically modified food, intensive agriculture and depleted soils, Peruvian Maca powder stands as an important source of nutrition for the 21st century.   This humble root vegetable has an amazing nutritional profile that makes it one of just a few true "superfoods."  Maca is high bio available protein, contains all amino acids and free fatty acids and is a good source of several minerals.  In addition it contains exclusive nutrients that contribute to the balancing of the hormonal system.

It's amazing to learn that Maca has been used as a staple food in the high Andes for over 2000 years - both for people and the livestock they keep.   It's even more significant to know that the way Maca is currently grown in Peru is essentially the same way it was grown 2000 years ago.  While it's true that some more modern agricultural tools are used today, Maca is a very hardy plant and requires no chemical fertilization nor pesticides.   

As a global community it's important that we all protect the pure genetic heritage of Peruvian Maca by insisting on purchasing only Maca powder cultivated in the high Andes of Peru.   This is ever more important as now a significant amount of Maca is being grown in China.  Though not yet released to the global market there is a good chance that it will be soon.  And China has 7 patents for GMOs for Maca.

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