Resolution to Quit Coffee? We have the Substitute You Need!

Resolution to Quit Coffee? We have the Substitute You Need!

Posted by The Maca Team on 7th Apr 2022

New year, new resolutions! Yes, it is that time of year when we make false promises for the first week or into the New Year and then ultimately give up. But this year will be different (and no, we aren’t just saying that!) because the Maca Team has got your back, and we are here to help you succeed and quit coffee!

For many people, coffee is a vice, a must for morning meetings, and let’s be honest- How many times has your Starbucks- run made you late for work and caused your anxiety to flare up? Ironically, quitting coffee intake has been shown to lower anxiety. Who knew? So it makes sense that you plan to change your old habits this year and kick coffee to the curb! Or at least try to, right? We drink coffee in the morning to make us feel more alert and provide a kick start to our day, and it has almost become a ritual in our everyday lives. But what if we said there was a better way to start your morning without burnout? Discover maca powder - a healthy, caffeine-free coffee substitute!

Maca has maintained a reputation for boosting energy. What’s interesting, though, Maca does not stress the adrenals compared with coffee and tea. The energy boost felt from taking Maca root is both even and sustained. Even more so, Maca has even more incredible benefits, including boosting stamina, athletic endurance, fertility, libido, and regulating hormone balance, to name a few.

Our favorite way to start introducing Maca into your daily routine? The Morning Motivator maca energy coffee! Replace that vanilla latte with energizing vitamins, beneficial amino acids, and powerful antioxidants. Our maca coffee blend uses only a handful of simple organic ingredients to create the perfect morning pick-me-up. Suppose you have been looking for a healthy alternative to coffee that doesn’t leave you jittery and vegan and certified organic. In that case, this unique caffeine-free beverage is everything you have been looking for. It is an easy and delicious way to get more maca root in your diet and help your body stay focused first thing in the morning.

Always remember it is not about the destination, but about the journey. We know changing a routine can always be challenging and, honestly, even somewhat scary! But The Maca Team will be with you every step of the way.

We look forward to helping make your 2022 a healthier one.

-The Maca Team

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