The Benefits of Adding Maca To Your Life At The Start of 2019

The Benefits of Adding Maca To Your Life At The Start of 2019

Posted by The Maca Team on 9th Jan 2019

One of the questions we often get this time of year is:  "How can Maca help me achieve some of my New Year's resolutions?"  In this article we will reveal what Maca can do for you at the start of a new year.

If you are new to Maca, the first thing to understand is that Maca is a food - not s supplement or herb.   And as a food, it has an incredibly long history.   Maca has been eaten for 1000s of years by people living in extremely high elevations in the Andes of Peru and Bolivia.    Why?   Beyond simply being a native foodstuff, there are several reasons that also explain what Maca can do for you this year.

Nutrition - Weight Loss

It turns out that in terms of nutrition ancient Peruvians were indeed lucky to have Maca in their diets.   Maca does a much better job than any other plant of absorbing nutrients from the rocky, inhospitable soil of the high Andes.   As a food source Maca contains about  15% protein, 8.5% fiber, 19 essential amino acids, vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, C and D, minerals iron, magnesium, copper, zinc, sodium, potassium, calcium, and nearly all amino acids.   A major benefit of getting so much nutrition in one food source is that you stay satisfied longer and end up eating less.   Consuming less calories, as we know, is something that will lead to weight loss no matter your age.   Here is what Kim, one of our long-time customers shares about her experience with Maca for weight loss:

"I wanted to take this supplement to help control my hormones, which in turn would help my weight loss, and it has made a difference after 3 weeks, on and off. I have been trying to lose weight for 2 years and it has been SLOW. Since starting to take this, I've lost 5 pounds, without steady exercise due to the weather. That is more than I've lost in a month for a long time."

Energy - Getting More Done

When Incan rulers took over the lands where Maca grows they quickly noticed that some people were able to work much harder and longer than others.   Over time, they discovered that the hard workers all were eating Maca on a daily basis.   Once they realized that, the Incans required all of their forced labor to consume Maca daily.   This is still the case today.   Our customers report a boost in energy, productivity, concentration and focus from taking Maca regularly.   What's great is that Maca is able to provide this increase without stressing the adrenal glands like coffee or green tea do.   The benefits of feeling more energized throughout the day are obvious.   Maca is a great choice to help you get more out of each day.    Here are just a couple of comments from our happy customers about Maca and energy:

"Helps me to keep my energy levels high during workouts and at work when others are hitting the candy or caffeine. No side effects to speak of - just an excellent source of energy, strength and stamina booster. I take it Monday through Friday and lay off on weekends. Coffee and soda consumption has dropped to nearly zero." - Jon

"I am currently taking red and black maca together. Love the benefits of each and have not felt this good physically in years." - R.C.

Hormone Balance - Feeling Better Overall

The reason Maca was originally discovered was because natives noticed an interesting change when livestock they kept ate Maca.   Those animals who grazed on Maca were healthier, stronger, lived longer and had more offspring.   It didn't take long for the people keeping this livestock to try Maca for themselves.    The results have, of course, stood the test of time as Maca has survived as an important crop in the high Andes for several thousands of years.   Recently scientific research has revealed that Maca has a profound effect on overall hormonal health.  Special nutrients called macaenes and macamides seem to stimulate the body to achieve hormone balance.    Since hormones are connected to so many physiological functions, the benefits of taking Maca are wide ranging.   From reducing hormonal acne to helping muscle building to enhancing sleep, Maca helps people feel better everyday. 

"Today was my first day trying maca. I feel great. My mood is much better than usual. I usually feel down with no energy. Today I feel energetic and in a good mood. This is an early testimony and the beginning of a maca life . Please post as my testimony."
Rudolphe Alexis

"I tried this after all other natural remedies failed to help lift me out of severe postpartum depression, accompanied by PTSD (is just escaped and divorced an abusive husband). I’d tried hundreds of dollars worth of natural, organic supplements that promised to help, but failed to do so. I even tried Zoloft, in desperation, but that was even worse than the depression and PTSD. Within hours of taking my first dose of Red Maca, I felt relief. This has been a godsend!! It has literally saved my life. I’ve since had other friends and family try it for anxiety, libido, fertility and more. Some gave even safely weaned off of their toxic pharmaceutical meds while taking this." - Mindee

At The Maca Team, we've got the biggest selection of high quality, organic Peruvian Maca products for you.  If you are new to Maca, have a look at our our recommendations for the best maca, or give us a call.  We're always happy to help.

Enjoy the new year!!

The Maca Team

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