The Science Behind Maca

The Science Behind Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 13th Mar 2024

The research behind maca is a relatively new phenomenon, with many of the studies we frequently cite dating back only to the early 2000s. But commonly-held knowledge of maca root’s many benefits dates back much further, and the locals of the Peruvian Andes regions where maca grows have been singing its praises for centuries. Humans of all ages have long consumed maca root for its numerous reported positive attributes, and maca has even been fed to livestock to ensure its continued health and virility.

So what do modern-day researchers have to say about maca root?

Maca Root Increases Libido

Maca’s primary “claim to fame” is its purported ability to help boost the libido. Early studies performed in 2010 uncovered links between consumption of maca root and improvement in sexual function. Owing to the limited number of participants, further trials were recommended - but the early evidence demonstrating what the Inca people and their descendants have long known was beginning to circulate.

Maca Root for Erectile Dysfunction

Today, it’s estimated that approximately 50% of men in the US experience erectile dysfunction to some extent. A 2009 hinted at the possibility that maca root could bring about a significant improvement in physical and social performance by men struggling with ED. Further evidence links the consumption of maca with sexual satisfaction and relief of mild ED symptoms experienced by men

Maca Root for Fertility and Women’s Sex Drive

Of course, it isn’t just men who struggle with their sex drive. Women also experience sexual dysfunction. One common cause for this is the side-effects of medication prescribed for depression, namely SSRIs and SNRIs. A double-blind placebo-controlled study performed in 2015 demonstrated positive results, finding that maca root may alleviate SSRI-induced sexual dysfunction in post-menopausal women.

In terms of fertility, maca has been found to not only help with sexual drive but to increase sperm count and motility. In laboratory trials performed on mice, regular dosage of yellow maca root resulted in increased litter sizes

Maca Root Balances Your Hormones

Some of the same pieces that lend weight to maca’s role in boosting sex drive and fertility also praise it as an adaptogen and “nutraceutical.” Maca is a superfood like kale and blueberries, promoting health with its nutritional content and potentially contributing to disease prevention.

Though maca root doesn’t contain hormones, it is an adaptogen, which means that it helps the body fight off the stressors that may attack the neuroendocrine-immune system. Adaptogens exhibit “neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, antidepressant,” and further beneficial effects that help your body achieve a level of balance. That includes hormone balance. Whether you’re struggling with an over- or under-production of a hormone, adding maca to a balanced diet may help your body move closer to some level of harmony.

Maca Root Boosts Your Energy

Using maca root to boost energy and vitality is one of its most traditional and common uses. It’s important to note that maca doesn’t contain caffeine, and isn’t a traditional stimulant as most would conceive of it. There are a few ways that maca affects your energy reserves. First and foremost is its nutritional content. Maca is rich in vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids - in short, it’s a nutritional powerhouse. As an adaptogen, it also helps your body react to outside stressors that would ordinarily wear it down with more energetic reserves. Maca also exhibits antioxidative qualities. A 2022 study found that subjects dosed with maca experienced reduced stress, and therefore improved energy metabolism

Who Benefits from Maca?

There is no “right” age, build, or gender for maca. Our Peruvian maca root is certified organic, Fair Trade, and non-GMO. Whether you’re purchasing raw black maca powder to add to your protein smoothies to boost your muscle-building workouts or trying our gelatinized red maca powder capsules for hormone balance, there’s a maca product for you. Check out our Maca Finder product selection tool to find the right maca for you.

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