Where We Go To Buy Maca for Our Customers

Posted by The Maca Team on 23rd Jul 2014

Maca isn't something most people can grow in their backyard. When we were wondered where to buy maca for our online store, we knew we wanted to find an authentic, organic source. The maca plant is native to the Andes mountains in Peru, and grows at elevations of around 13,000 feet above sea level which means it can withstand some widely varied temperatures. We developed relationships with maca growers in Peru and began a mutually beneficial relationship to bring the best maca products to the United States.

The plant itself is similar to a turnip, and the roots are what is utilized for medicinal purposes. The root is dried, powdered, and prepared to sale by those who are experienced working with maca. The farmers we work with use traditional methods to grow their maca, and we purchase their crops and sell it to our customers within months instead of years like many big box brands. That means the maca you are getting was likely in the ground only a few months ago, making it the freshest product available.

When you are wondering where to buy maca, start with The Maca Team. You’ll love our products. You’ll also love that our business is built around making sure everyone benefits, from our farmers to our employees to our customers. Farmers get above-market-rate prices for their maca, our employees have a job that they love, and our customers get the best possible maca product that can help them improve their well being. Check out all of our maca products today! 

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