Maca as an Adaptogen

Maca as an Adaptogen

Posted by The Maca Team on 11th Oct 2023

You’ve probably heard maca root referred to as an “adaptogen” on numerous blogs and websites, but you may still be wondering exactly what an adaptogen IS. With all the buzzwords flying around the health food world, it’s easy to write it off as another scheme. But adaptogens are, in fact, a scientifically-acknowledged reality. Let’s look past the catch phrases and marketing strategies to learn about what exactly adaptogens are, and what makes maca one of the best adaptogens out there.

What is an Adaptogen?

To put it simply, an adaptogen is commonly defined as a natural substance (typically plants and herbs) that, when regularly consumed, can help your body manage stress and “restore balance” after a stressful or physically taxing situation. Some of the more popularly enjoyed adaptogenic foods include ginseng, ashwagandha, reishi mushrooms, and of course, maca root.

Many adaptogenic foods gained popularity in the West after centuries of use in Eastern medicine, with sellers and marketers exoticizing them as miracle cures for all ailments. Now, in particular, with more than half of Americans reporting an increase in stress levels, people are looking for a way to help their bodies respond to rapidly multiplying sources of anxiety. It’s more important than ever to find ways to achieve balance in your life, whether it’s financially or with regard to your diet. Well, we can’t help you with your budget. But we can recommend a budget-friendly source of energy for your body: maca root.

How Do Adaptogens Work?

The key is in the word itself - “adapt.” Adaptogens help your body adjust in many different ways. They can boost your energy levels and improve your stamina as well as help regulate hormone production, helping address health issues like ED and osteoporosis.

That’s where maca root comes in. As an adaptogen, one of maca’s most noteworthy benefits is helping to maintain hormone health. Let’s take cortisol into consideration. Cortisol is a hormone your body produces in stressful situations, and an excess of cortisol can send your anxiety levels soaring. Adding maca to your diet in addition to healthy foods and a consistent exercise routine can even out your body’s production of cortisol, resulting in reduced stress and anxiety.

What Else Can Maca Do for You?

There are so many ways consuming maca can have a positive impact on your health and overall wellbeing! As a nutrient-rich superfood, it’s packed with essential vitamins and amino acids. Some researchers have even dubbed it a “nutraceutical” useful in warding off certain diseases.

Historically, maca has been praised by inhabitants of the Andes region where it originates for increasing libido and fertility for couples looking to conceive. It’s believed to contribute toward the preservation of cognitive function over time, and to stave off the worst symptoms of menopause.

It’s important to keep in mind that maca isn’t a supplement, but a superfood, and as such should be part of a balanced diet. It isn’t going to fix your health troubles overnight. But as part of a dedicated health regimen, the positive effects it can have on you and your body are seemingly endless.

Adding Maca to Your Diet

Making a change to your diet can seem intimidating - isn’t life stressful enough? Luckily, it’s quick and easy to work maca into your daily routine. Keeping in mind that your ideal serving size will vary from one individual to another, it can be as simple as stirring a couple teaspoons of our organic maca powder into your breakfast.

Don’t like the taste of maca? Not a problem! Consider trying out our vegan maca capsules, or adding a couple droppersful of one of our liquid maca extracts to your morning coffee. We even offer a maca coffee substitute, which contains only a few organic, non-GMO, Fair Trade ingredients.

There’s no right or wrong way to enjoy maca, and we believe in enabling our buyers to make informed, health-conscious decisions. Have any questions about how to get the most of your maca? We’d love to hear them! Don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616.

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