Maca Recipes

Recipe Roundup: Easy Ways to Include Maca Recipes in your Everyday Foods

From sweet to savory, raw to cooked, we’ve collected the full range of maca recipes to make it easy to make sure you get your Maca!

By now, you’ve probably heard that adding Maca to your drinks or foods every day can help you increase energy, boost your nutrition, and support hormonal balance, mood and even libido. But did you know that maca, because it’s typically in a powder form, can be added into a wide variety of foods?

From smoothies to hot chocolate to savory dishes and even some traditional Peruvian recipes, there are lots of creative ways to add a little adaptogenic superfood goodness into your next meal or snack. All the best recipes and ideas for cooking with maca powder are right here for you, so let the exploring begin!

Every one of these simple maca root powder recipes are plant based. Whether you’re a vegan 100% of the time or just looking for ways to build more plant-based options into your diet, these recipes do the trick. Many are also gluten free, and some are raw as well!

  • maca recipe for banana strawberry smoothie


  • maca recipe simple almond milk

    Maca Drinks

  • maca hummus recipe

    Cooked Maca
    Savory Dishes

  • maca recipe for raw gazpacho soup

    Raw Maca
    Savory Dishes

  • maca recipe for vegan pumpkin pie

    Cooked Sweet
    Maca Dishes

  • maca recipe for vegan energy bars

    Raw Sweet
    Maca Dishes

  • maca recipe for traditional mazamorra

    Maca Recipes

  • Maca Adaptogen Blend

    Adaptogen Blend

  • Maca Shampoo and Lotion

    Maca Shampoo
    and Lotion

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