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As a company, The Maca Team’s mission is to share the benefits of high-quality Peruvian grown maca root products with as many people as possible.   We’re fortunate to have been able to do so since the early 2000s and grateful to continue our work now.Best Selection of Organic Maca at

Since the early days of our company, the most powerful way knowledge our our products and company spread was through word of mouth.   In fact, that’s the way most of us originally learned about maca root.   Perhaps a friend, family member or health care professional was the first one to tell you about maca too.  In my own case, I first heard about it at a raw food nutrition lecture in the late 1990s.   I was personally inspired about the potential benefits of maca to help relieve the symptoms of depression.

It’s easy to agree that nothing carries more weight than a personal recommendation from a trusted source.  Over the years we at The Maca Team have collected and published 1000s of reviews of our products and company.   The primary goal of publishing them has always been to share the benefits of maca with other people in search of natural alternatives to support their well-being.   

As technology has progressed some customers have submitted reviews in video format.   Video is certainly a powerful way to share one’s knowledge and experience.  And it has really helped some people decide to make the life affirming choice of trying maca for themselves.   Because of that, we want to collect more videos to support our overall mission to share maca with the world.

Video reviews are great for:

  • The individuals who are inspired by them to try maca root for the first time
  • Our amazing farmers, suppliers and processors in Peru, who all work so diligently to provide the highest quality products available
  • The Maca Team as a small family run company

In addition, we also want these videos to be great for you: our loyal customers who take the time to record and send them in.   That’s why we’ve created this video review giveaway.

Here Is How This Giveaway Works

  1. You send us a short (1-4 min.) video about your experience with our maca and/or with our company.
  2. By sending in the video, you give us permission to publish it on our Youtube channel, website or social media.
  3. Your submission earns you 200 rewards points and enters you into a giveaway.  With 3 months, we will randomly choose 5 winners from all submissions.   Winners each receive $100 store credit at  These credits do not expire.  We will announce the winners on August 2, 2024.

Simple Terms and Conditions

We want to keep our agreement as clear and simple as possible.  So, here it is.

  1. You send us a video file speaking on how any of our maca products have helped you.  (Only one submission per person please)
  2. You will be entered into our giveaway drawing.
  3. By sending us the video, you give us permission to publish it publicly on The Maca Team’s Youtube channel, website and or social media platforms.    
  4. If, after at least 6 months after publication of the video, you decide you want us to delete the video, simply let us know and we’ll do that.  

Guidelines for Making Videos

The intention of this video sharing outreach is to share the benefits of maca with other people who in search of healthy alternatives.  Don’t worry if the video is not perfect – just be yourself and follow these tips: 

  • Please keep language family friendly so we can share with everyone (we won't publish videos that contain adult language or content)
  • Talk about how maca has helped you in specific terms – ex.  You might say something like: “It helped my acne disappear” instead of “My skin looks better”
  • Be sure to mention which maca product(s) you take –  you may even decide to show the product itself or, if appropriate, a recipe you made with it
  • Do make sure that your voice is clear and that there is good lighting to see you
  • Video length is 1-4 minutes
  • You can use a smartphone to make it
  • Some questions that might help you get started:
    • Why did you start taking maca root products?
    • How has taking maca helped you?
    • Why do you like taking maca?
    • Who would you recommend maca to?
    • How is it ordering from The Maca Team?

How To Send Us Your Video

If your video file is small enough, you can send it to us via email at info @ 

However, if your video is too large to send through email, we recommend going to   You can send the video to the same email for free using that website. 

If you have any difficulties or questions, please let us know.

Some Video Review Examples

These are some previous videos.  Note: you do not have to highly edit your video or put a title or graphics on it.  That's something we can do once we've received it.  

Enjoy the day!

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