4 Ways To Avoid Upset Stomach When Taking Maca

Over many years of taking and selling Maca we've noticed that a small percentage of people (about 5%) can have temporary upset stomach, slightly cramping or indigestion after eating Maca powder.  If this applies to you there are several things you can do to avoid stomach pain when taking maca root.

  1. Reduce the amount of Maca you are eating.  Maca belongs to the Brassicaceae family of plants, which also includes mustards and even horseradish.  Like these, Maca is a strong food and should be eaten in relatively small amounts.   Whatever the amount you were taking at first, try reducing that to just 1/4-1/2 of a teaspoon.   Reducing the serving size helps many people.    We have full serving guidelines listed here.
  2.  Avoid eating Maca with fruit or fruit juice.  Fruit and fruit juice digest more quickly than other types of food.  Try eating Maca without any fruit content.   A good way to do this is to mix Maca powder into a almond or rice milk or to simply enjoy it with water.  Note that this applies to Maca capsules as well.   
  3. Try Gelatinized Maca instead of Raw Maca.   Gelatinized Maca is pre-cooked and has had the starch content effectively removed.  This makes it easier to digest than Raw Maca.   The majority of people who do have any digestive issues with Raw Maca find that they are fine to take Gelatinized Maca.
  4. Use one of our Maca Extracts intsead of Maca powder.   These extracts are based in glycerine and are 100% alcohol free.  To make these extracts our Maca powders go through a special low temperature process that isolates Maca's active ingredients.  We've seen great results with these products and have never heard of anyone having a digestive issue with them.  Click through to see all of our Maca Extracts here....

If you've tried all of this and you still experience any stomach upset when taking Maca Root, it may be that Maca just isn't right for you and your body right now.   Remember it is a food and different bodies react differently to the same foods. 

If there is anything we can do to help you at all please let us know.

Thanks and enjoy your day!


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