Can Maca Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Maca Help Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Posted by The Maca Team on 16th Jul 2023

People struggling with the impact of erectile dysfunction throughout history have turned to all kinds of miracle “fixes,” ranging from pharmaceuticals to sheep testicles. If you’ve tried it all too, you’ve probably figured out that there’s no real “cure” for what’s ailing you. You might find yourself feeling discouraged, or resigned to medications with unpleasant side effects. But did you know that research has found that adding maca root to your diet can help mitigate the effects of ED? In fact, it’s been doing just that for centuries!

A History of Maca and the Libido

clouds over Junin Plateau in Peruvian Andes

Maca originates in the Peruvian Andes region, where it’s been grown and harvested for over a thousand years. Inhabitants of the area have long turned to maca for any number of its associated benefits: increased energy, better focus and concentration, and a boost to the libido. It’s even reported to improve fertility in women and virility in men. People seem to agree that maca can help get you going, and keep you going.

The Research on Macafemale technician in lab seen from behind

About half of all men in the US report struggling with erectile dysfunction. While the reasons for this are greatly varied, that’s still a lot of men struggling with a condition that faces a great deal of social stigma.

While the research into maca’s numerous purported benefits goes on, several studies have linked consuming maca with improvements in erectile dysfunction. Men participating in studies on the effects of maca on their ED have reported experiencing significant improvement in their general and sexual wellbeing. This might be because although maca doesn’t contain any testosterone it is an adaptogen, meaning that it works toward helping the body achieve hormonal balance.

Maca has also been credited with reducing stress and anxiety. This makes handling the pressure to perform a bit easier, contributing to an improved experience and more positive associations with sexual activity.

In addition, maca has been associated with improved quantity and quality in semen. Subjects who consumed maca for a period of four months demonstrated an increase in sperm motility and production.

While these findings aren’t quite gospel truth yet, they do serve to indicate that the use of maca for addressing erectile function is more than just an old wives’ tale.

Which Maca Should I Take for Erectile Dysfunction?

whole black maca root in farmer's hand

Maca root was (and still is) generally consumed as a red, black, and yellow tri-color mix by residents of the Andes in beyond. However, more recent studies have found some differences in the effects produced by the unique colors of the maca root. Today, black maca is the one commonly linked with improvements in male libido, performance, and sperm quality.

Black maca root is the least common of the colors, accounting for only about 15-20% of the annual harvest in Peru. While there’s no “wrong” maca, or a wrong way to enjoy it, black maca is most closely connected with what many consider typically masculine goals like building muscle mass and lasting longer in bed. But it’s also recommended for improving your ability to concentrate and remain focused on tasks

Why Our Maca?

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Whatever maca root color or formulation you choose, what matters most when sourcing your maca is quality. And we’re proud to say that we offer our customers the best maca on the market. Our organic maca is certified Fair Trade and non-GMO, sustainably grown and harvested by a co-op of farmers in Peru’s Junin Plateau region.

Unless otherwise indicated, like with our Morning Motivator blend maca coffee or our Maca Blue, our products contain only 100% pure maca root. Our maca sundried or dehydrated at low temperatures (in the case of our premium maca products) before being ground into powder, and you have the option of buying vegan maca capsules or liquid maca extract as well. Our Maca Finder tool allows you to enter factors including your desired goals before suggesting a maca product for you to test out at home. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616.

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