Does Maca Affect Sperm Quality?

Does Maca Affect Sperm Quality?

Posted by The Maca Team on 2nd Jul 2024

Perhaps maca’s most celebrated attribute is its reputed ability to help couples seeking to conceive. Maca root has a long history of being considered an aphrodisiac, and as such is believed to stimulate sexual desire. But beyond that, the use of maca - that is, regular consumption of the root - is said to increase the likelihood of conception.

But how does it work?

Maca and Infertility

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According to a 2016 study on the use of maca to improve sperm quality, infertility affects approximately 15% of reproductive-age couples worldwide, with 40% of those cases involving male factors alone. While many struggling couples may turn to costly procedures like IVF in their attempts to conceive, some studies suggest that up to 30% of infertile couples may turn to alternative approaches like holistic medicine - and that includes maca root.

Maca and the Libido

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The connection between the libido and the likelihood of conception is pretty straightforward. The more attempts, the more chances for success. Maca has long been linked with stimulating the libido in men AND women. While the research is ongoing, it appears that more and more of it demonstrates the success of maca in stimulating sexual desire and combating the effects of erectile dysfunction

Maca and Sperm Quality

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Several studies have been performed in order to assess maca’s potential effects on sperm quality, and though results are somewhat mixed, they are promising. Tests performed on animal subjects (rats and bulls) found that regular servings of maca contributed towards improving sperm quantity, quality, and motility. In fact, part of the reason indigenous inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes where maca root originates began consuming maca root was because they saw the stimulating and invigorating effects it had on their livestock. It was these observations that led them to try maca for themselves, and the results they experienced led them to conclude that maca root played a role in the successful growth and good health of their families. And in 2016, researchers concluded that “several in vivo studies showed that maca has spermatogenic and fertility-enhancing activities, improving sperm parameters, sexual behavior and enhancing androgen-like effects” - not just on animals, but in humans as well.

This echoes the findings of a 2015 study on adult human men, which found that though levels of hormones did not change significantly after 12 weeks of maca consumption - which makes sense, because maca does not contain hormones - sperm concentration and motility nevertheless showed rising trends compared to subjects receiving only placebo during the trial. The study concluded that maca possesses fertility-enhancing properties in men, though it was noted that there should be some awareness of the distinction between using alimentary supplements and prescribed medication. 

Which Maca Should I Take for Sperm Quality?

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Separating maca roots by color is a relatively new process, as historically all three colors (red, black, and yellow) would have been consumed together as a tri-color blend. However, it does seem that certain root colors correspond more closely to certain functions. Red maca is most commonly recommended for women when it comes to fertility - check out our page on red maca’s benefits to learn more. Black maca root is likewise suggested for men.

According to the 2015 study cited earlier, previous research concluded that yellow and black maca root affected sperm count and sperm motility, whereas red maca had no impact at all.

Why Buy From The Maca Team?

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