Get Through the Holidays with Maca

Get Through the Holidays with Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 14th Nov 2023

It’s the happiest time of the year…and also the most stressful.

With holidays for many cultures on the horizon, the pressure is on. Retailers are already pushing “Black Friday” sales, seasonal decor is everywhere you can see, and expenses are racking up. Beyond all the glitz and glamor lies straining checking accounts and soaring anxiety levels as friends and family gather together to celebrate the close of the year.

How can you prepare yourself to face all the stresses of the holidays? Despite the temptation to overeat (never mind overspend), it’s just as important as ever to focus on maintaining your health.

Maca can help you do that.

Maca for Immunity

According to the United States’ Center for Disease Control, flu rates begin to rise in October and accelerate steadily through the end of the year, peaking between December and February. Temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere are (mostly) dropping, and families are scrambling to fulfill social obligations in addition to the usual responsibilities of work or school. It’s no wonder that the immune system starts to lag a little.

That’s where maca comes in handy. This little root is a nutritional powerhouse, which is how it’s earned its title as a superfood. Just take a look at our Maca Nutrition Facts. Maca root contains a solid dose of vitamins, minerals, and essential amino acids. This includes Vitamin B1, which helps the body convert carbohydrates like the ones in grandma’s sweet potato casserole recipe into energy; calcium, more than you’d find in the glass of milk your parents would leave out for Santa; and zinc, which is essential for concentration when your nieces and nephews are fighting over the remote. And of course, it can help you combat all the germs said nieces and nephews bring home from school, too.

Maca for Stress

We’ve discussed maca’s effects on stress and anxiety levels in the past, but it’s information that bears repeating. Improper nutrition is an issue any time of year. Company holiday dinners present even more opportunities than usual to binge on sugary alcoholic beverages and fatty foods.

It might be difficult keeping up with your usual diet and exercise routine, especially as the days get shorter, but you can keep up with maca root. Keep adding a couple teaspoons of our premium maca root powder to your morning beverage to help maintain energy and focus throughout the day. Maca root isn’t a magic fix - it should be part of a daily routine if you want to see any real change in your body and your health. While you’ll be hard-pressed to find time for the gym this time of year, you can take a few moments for yourself during your day to enjoy a maca smoothie, or our maca coffee substitute. As an adaptogen, maca can help your body bounce back more readily from stressful situations. That’s part of what makes it an essential part of your holiday arsenal.

Maca for Energy

Though maca doesn’t contain caffeine or other stimulants, numerous studies have found that it does exert an energizing effect on the body. This might be due to its aforementioned nutritional content and adaptogenic qualities. Maca isn’t a supplement, and it shouldn’t be treated like an energy shot you can pick up at the drugstore. But incorporating it into your regular diet can help boost your sense of focus, concentration, and stamina without the jitters. Maca’s popularity is rising among athletes due to its ability to help the body handle strenuous exercise and long periods of exertion better - and what can be more strenuous than facing winter crowds in stores?

Any Questions?

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Enjoy the Day! 

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