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The Beneficial Minerals Found in Maca Root

8th Oct 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca root is packed with minerals! With five major minerals and a half dozen minor ones, it is no wonder this South American root is called a superfood. But what minerals can be found in the maca root, and what can they do to benefit your health?●Calcium: The maca root contains more calcium than milk! That helps you build strong bones and is important for your circulatory functions. ●Phosphorus: Vital for brain function and muscle movement. ●Magnesium: Needed for a healthy heart and necessary for muscle movement. ●Potassium: Good for proper cell functions. ●Sodium: Helps with circula […]

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How Maca Root Helps Make You More Disease Resistant

1st Sep 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca root is in a grouped into a class of substances called adaptogens. These are foods, minerals, herbs, and other substances that help your body become more resistant to diseases. How does it work? Maca root is great for both your physical and emotional well-being, both of which are vital to your immune system. People who take maca regularly experience great well-being, which assists in strengthening the body's ability to ward off disease. The Peruvian root also balances the hormones in your body, which are directly responsible for making your body work correctly. Another thing tha […]

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What Makes Maca Root a Superfood?

21st Jul 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

You’ve probably heard maca root referred to as a superfood, but might be wondering what is packed into this radish relative that makes it so super? For a small root, maca is full of protein, fiber, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All of these ingredients combine to give you benefits like balanced hormones, increased sexual function, more energy, and in increase in your mental clarity. Check out the makeup of a maca root: ●59% carbohydrates (these are quality carbs that increase your energy)●10.2% protein●8.5% fiber (great for your digestion system and regularity!) ●Amino acids (maca […]

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Maca Root Could Help Restore Your Lidibo

13th Jul 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Being sexual intimate with your partner is one of the greatest joys in life, and a waning libido can be one of the hardest parts of growing older. Of course, this issue doesn’t always happen with age. It could also be due to an illness, injury, or other health concerns. If you’ve noticed your libido is waning and want to get it back, Maca root could be the ingredient that helps you do that in a healthy, all-natural way.Studies have shown that Maca has dramatically increased the libido and improved the sex life of people taking this super food. Maca root is great for men and women who ar […]

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Which Maca Root Powder is Best - Different Types of Maca

25th May 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

The Maca Team is focused on teaching our customers about the different types of maca and all of maca’s benefits. If you have been to our site before, you've probably discovered that not all maca root powder is the same. While the colors of the powder will vary slightly when you receive them, the different types of maca will benefit your body in different ways. Each variety of maca root powder provides different benefits. Some maca powder increases energy, other maca powders can improve memory, lower weight, increase muscle build-up and improve overall health. We know how important it is to […]

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