Which Maca Root Powder is Best - Different Types of Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 25th May 2014

The Maca Team is focused on teaching our customers about the different types of maca and all of maca’s benefits. If you have been to our site before, you've probably discovered that not all maca root powder is the same. While the colors of the powder will vary slightly when you receive them, the different types of maca will benefit your body in different ways. Each variety of maca root powder provides different benefits. Some maca powder increases energy, other maca powders can improve memory, lower weight, increase muscle build-up and improve overall health. We know how important it is to make sure you are getting the right benefits to meet your needs and understand you'll need to do a little research to discover which maca root powder is best for your body. Thankfully, the Maca Team has done all the work for you, and our easy-to-use guide is perfect for selected the maca root powder that's best for you. 

The Different Types of Maca Root Powder

  • Black Maca Root: This is the rarest maca, and it's great for men's libido and fertility as well as an effective muscle and endurance builder. It can also enhance your mental focus.  
  • Red Maca Root: This is the sweetest maca, and it's great for women's health. Red maca can help balance hormones, fertility, and help with bone and prostate health.  
  • Cream (or Yellow) Maca Root: This is the most common maca type. Great for boosting energy, balancing hormones, and helping you concentrate. 

You can learn more about each of the colors of maca root as well as learning the best method for taking your maca of choice on our website. We make choosing the right maca root powder for you easy! Once you've found the powder that fits your needs and determined the right method for taking it, place an order right on our website and get premium, organic maca root delivered to your home! Experience the benefits of maca root powder for yourself today!  

See our Maca selection guide to select the type of Maca that's right for you. 

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