Maca and Fertility: Does it Help?

Maca and Fertility: Does it Help?

Posted by The Maca Team on 18th Jul 2023

For some couples attempting to conceive, the process is quick, easy, and straightforward. But some families aren’t so lucky. With couples waiting longer on average to have children due to factors like the soaring expenses of housing and student loan payments, fertility procedures like IVF can present a significant financial setback. Add to that the intricacies of navigating health insurance coverage and building a family might start to feel like an unattainable dream. But the problem isn’t a new one, and families throughout history have turned to numerous natural remedies to boost their fertility. You get where we’re going with this, don’t you?

Maca for Fertility

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The inhabitants of the Peruvian Andes have been consuming maca for its myriad reported benefits for centuries. While its energizing properties tend to be the most sought-after today, maca farming has endured throughout history in large part due to its association with improving the libido, and with helping prospective parents conceive.

Let’s look at some of the numbers according to a 2016 study: a fertile couple has a 57% chance of getting pregnant within three months of trying. That goes up to 75% in six months, and 90% in one year.

There are numerous reasons a couple might find themselves struggling with conceiving. The factors impacting their difficulties are split evenly between male and female, and may involve health issues impacting both prospective parents. About 25% of infertile women are experiencing some ovulatory dysfunction.

So how can maca help? Well, for one thing it’s long been linked with stimulating the libido in men AND women. An increase in sexual desire leads to more attempts to conceive, increasing the likelihood of success in turn. Maca has also helped address sexual dysfunction resulting from the use of antidepressants by women.

Tests performed on animal subjects (rats and bulls) found that regular servings of maca contributed towards improving sperm quantity, quality, and motility. While the research is ongoing, it appears that more and more of it demonstrates the success of maca in stimulating sexual desire and combating the effects of erectile dysfunction.

How Does Maca Improve Fertility?

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 The jury’s still out on that - in fact, some scientists aren’t sure exactly how maca does the things it does, though the results of numerous studies don’t lie. Science is constantly evolving, and our understanding of how maca impacts people consuming it is growing by the day.

What we do know is that maca contains some unique compounds that have been linked to stimulating effects on the body. Macamides and macaenes are found only in maca, and in combination with other essential vitamins and nutrients found in maca root have been “demonstrated to display many bioactive functions.” Macamides, for example, have been found to affect endurance capacity and shown anti-fatigue properties.

Maca contains neither testosterone nor estrogen. It is, however, an adaptogen, meaning that it exerts a “normalizing” effect on bodily functions. This manifests in large part by helping to balance your hormones. It’s one of the reasons maca is recommended for women going through menopause, as it can cut down on the severity of symptoms like depression, mood swings, and anxiety. 

Which Maca Should I Take for Fertility?

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Separating maca roots by color is a relatively new process, as historically all three colors (red, black, and yellow) would have been consumed together as a tri-color blend. However, it does seem that certain root colors correspond more closely to certain functions. Red maca is most commonly recommended for women when it comes to fertility - check out our page on red maca’s benefits to learn more. Black maca root is likewise suggested for men.

But the truth is, there’s no right or wrong way to enjoy our organic maca products. They’re certified Fair Trade and non-GMO, grown in the same regions of the Andes where they’ve been farmed throughout history. We only import our maca powder in small batches, ensuring that you get maca that’s as fresh and potent as possible.

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