Maca and Menopause

Maca and Menopause

Posted by The Maca Team on 6th May 2022

Over the years, Maca has been able to help women with their experience with menopause. Maca has been seen to help control menopause symptoms and provide women with an easier transition into menopause. Menopause is a big change for women. Aspects range from hormonal ups and downs, hot-flashes, stiffness, aches, poor sleep, joint pain, anxiety and depression. While these side effects of menopause are on going for women, there is still no real treatment for menopause. Maca provides women who are experiencing menopause with ongoing benefits to help with the side effects that they could be experiencing.

Many scientific studies have shown positive results in regards to maca use during menopause. Sources say that the Maca root was used for centuries by the Incan people who were going through the transition to menopause. This was seen to help women through the intense stages of this part of life.
First, due to the high level of flavonoids within Maca, the benefits have been shown to reduce cardiovascular risk factors, such as one's blood pressure. Furthermore, it has been shown that maca can help reduce the long-term risk of cardiovascular disease in postmenopause.

Next, Maca can improve bone health, which can provide protection against aging factors. On top of this, Maca provides tons of other essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, as well as healthy fatty acids within the maca. Overall, Maca is a super ingredient in which can make the transition into menopause much easier, as well as help with your overall health.

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