Refreshing Maca Green Smoothie

Refreshing Maca Green Smoothie

Posted by The Maca Team on 29th Jul 2022

Did you get your greens in today? Adding Maca and some healthy greens to your smoothie allows for the perfect energy boost and delicious nutritious smoothie that will be your new go to snack. Learn how to make this refreshing Maca green smoothie with these easy and simple steps!

Start by grabbing your blender and placing all ingredients inside. Then, blend until smooth. If you want to change anything to adjust to your liking, feel free to adjust the ingredients to your preference for the perfect Maca smoothie!


➢ 2 frozen bananas

➢1 cup kale or other greens

➢1-2 ripe kiwis

➢2-3 T honey or agave syrup

➢1 T coconut oil

➢1 T ground flax seeds

➢1/2 t vanilla extract

➢1-3 T maca powder - raw or gelatinized maca is fine

➢1 tsp cinnamon

➢2 cups unsweetened almond or rice milk

We hope you enjoy this power packed recipe.  If you have any more maca recipes that you'd like to share with us, please reach out and we'll add them to our site.

Thanks and enjoy the day!

The Maca Team

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