Springtime Maca Picnic Snacks

Springtime Maca Picnic Snacks

Posted by The Maca Team on 10th Jun 2022

As the weather gets warmer, the picnic season is just around the corner. Try out these Maca picnic snacks for a perfect springtime bite.

Maca Fruit Salad

Nothing is better than a refreshing, juicy bite of fruit on a warm day in the sun! With this fruit salad recipe, accomplish the perfect bite for those days you are trying to beat the heat.

Start by mixing our Maca powder and milk in a blender or blender bottle. We recommend using our Gelatinized Maca

powder to help with digestive sensitivity because of the fact that eating raw Maca with fruit can cause slight and temporary stomach sensitivity.

Next, simply pour over sliced fruit and then serve chilled! We recommend making this the night before your picnic to ensure the best results. Also add in any other fruits that are in season to make your fruit cravings satisfied!

➔2-3 t of Gelatinized Maca powder

➔1 apple, cubed

➔1 banana, sliced

➔1/4 pineapple, cubed

➔5 strawberries, sliced

➔1/4 c blueberries

➔4 oz raw almond milk, rice milk or coconut milk

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Enjoy the day!

The Maca Team

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