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Getting Healthy on a Budget? Maca Powder Offers Some of the Biggest Benefits for Your Money

11th Jun 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

One of the misconceptions people have about living a healthy lifestyle is that it has to cost you more money. That doesn't have to be the case! Knowing what is worth spending your money on and what isn't is the key to getting healthy while on a budget. Many super foods, those foods which are known to be especially beneficial to your health and well-being, are actually very inexpensive especially when the benefits are taken into consideration. One of those affordable, super-healthy foods is maca powder. Ounce for ounce, maca powder provides more health benefits than almost any other f […]

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20th May 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maybe you already know about the benefits of maca powder, but are you sure that you are taking enough of it to get the maximum benefits of this super food? We get maca powder dosage questions often from our customers, and we know if can be hard to know how much to take. The Maca Team has over 15 years of selling and using Maca powder, so we're here to help!DOSAGE DEPENDS ON THE INDIVIDUAL Because Maca is a food, you can't really overdose on it like you would with an herb or supplement. However, some people experience minor side effects when they take too much Maca. We recommend starting w […]

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