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3 Things To Know Before You Buy Maca Powder

16th Apr 2015 Posted by: The Maca Team

As one of the worldwide leaders in Maca products, we are often asked what is important to know before you buy Maca.  We've distilled the most relevant and important facts down to 3.   Here they are:1.  Maca is a food that has been used in Peru and Bolivia for 1000s of years.   It's important to keep in mind that it is not a supplement or vitamin or even an herb.  Indeed it is a food - in fact the FDA classifies it as a "powder."   People in the high Andes eat Maca as part of their regular diet - up to 50 grams a day is not uncommon.    […]

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Peruvian Maca Powder - A Traditional Superfood

3rd Apr 2015 Posted by: The Maca Team

In a world of genetically modified food, intensive agriculture and depleted soils, Peruvian Maca powder stands as an important source of nutrition for the 21st century.   This humble root vegetable has an amazing nutritional profile that makes it one of just a few true "superfoods."  Maca is high bio available protein, contains all amino acids and free fatty acids and is a good source of several minerals.  In addition it contains exclusive nutrients that contribute to the balancing of the hormonal system. It's amazing to learn that Maca has been used as a staple fo […]

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How Maca Powder Is Made

22nd Oct 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca is a hardy plant that grows in the high Andes of Peru and Bolivia.It has been used for thousands of years as a food for both animals and people.Although the leaves of the Maca plant are edible and contain some nutrients, it is the root of the plant that is most valued.Maca is typically planted in August/September.8-9 months later the roots are harvested.The harvest occurs in the late winter and early spring and as the roots are pulled from the ground they are laid out on large tarps to be sundried.The process of sun drying in the high altitude takes just 10-14 days.At this point t […]

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How Maca Powder Can Help You Keep Your Hormones Balanced

9th Aug 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

While you likely associate hormones with the ravages of adolescence, hormones are actually responsible for a variety of functions within your body throughout your lifetime. Many common health concerns can actually be attributed to an imbalance of hormones in your body, because when your hormones aren’t working correctly your body can’t function properly. Fortunately, there are ways to help your body rebalance itself, and maca powder is a great way to start.For people suffering from hormonal imbalance, symptoms can range from anxiety, to weight gain, to insomnia, to depression, and much more. Y […]

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How to Add Maca Powder to Your Diet

13th Jul 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Many people want to take Maca powder but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into their diets. Don’t be intimidated by this amazing superfood! Maca is actually really easy to add to your daily routine because it can be mixed with other food and a drinks. The earthy flavor adds richness to your recipes and won’t overpower their taste. Check out some of our favorite ideas:●  Add it to your smoothie. Simply dump in your daily dose of maca powder and blend it into your smoothie. This is great for your morning routine, as you’ll get a boost of energy to take on the rest of your day. ● &nb […]

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