The Beneficial Minerals Found in Maca Root

Posted by The Maca Team on 8th Oct 2014

Maca root is packed with minerals! With five major minerals and a half dozen minor ones, it is no wonder this South American root is called a superfood. But what minerals can be found in the maca root, and what can they do to benefit your health?

●Calcium: The maca root contains more calcium than milk! That helps you build strong bones and is important for your circulatory functions.

●Phosphorus: Vital for brain function and muscle movement.

●Magnesium: Needed for a healthy heart and necessary for muscle movement.

●Potassium: Good for proper cell functions.

●Sodium: Helps with circulation.

●Copper: Good for enzyme health.

●Zinc: Works to improve mental clarity.

●Iron: A component of your blood and supports muscle growth.

●Selenium: Guards against free radicals.

●Boron: Works to improve metabolism.

It’s pretty amazing that all of this can be found in one root! It’s more amazing that more people aren’t incorporating this beneficial food into their everyday diet. The Maca Team is making it easy for you to do that! We offer cream, red, and black maca root in powder, gelatinized powder, or capsule form so you can easily take it as a part of your everyday routine.

Discover which maca is right for you on our website, then place an order today! We’ll ship it to you right away so you can start enjoying the benefits of all of the minerals included in every dose of maca. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the dosage or benefits of maca root.

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