Where Can I Buy Maca Root?

Where Can I Buy Maca Root?

Posted by The Maca Team on 14th Dec 2018

You've obviously heard a bit about the superfood called Maca and what it can do for people's health. That's great! We're excited to have you here and share with you some important facts before you buy maca root powder.

As a supplement to your regular diet this humble root vegetable can have several health benefits. It is particularly successful for promoting fertility, higher energy levels, reducing the symptoms of menopause, helping with sexual dysfunction and supporting overall hormone health. What's interesting is that Maca powder does not contain any hormones, rather it stimulates the body to produce them and thereby achieve a higher state of well being for both men and women.

As a food, Maca comes from the radish family and has somewhat of a nutty flavor. It is native to the mountains of Peru and contains high levels of nutrients including vitamins and minerals and amino acids. It also contains special nutrients called macaenes and macamides that work to balance hormones. The promise of the benefits of maca root is certainly intriguing and it is now found in the homes of many women and men throughout the world who are very happy with the effects of Maca on their daily health and vitality.

"Ok, now I'm excited to try it, so... Where can I buy Maca root?"

This is certianly an important question. Maca is not really mainstream so your best bet is to buy it online. However when you are looking for Maca it's important to understand that quality is very important. Not all Maca products are the same. In fact some are only slightly effective, and some that we've seen have even been "cut" with other powders like flour or yam powder.

Here's are several questions that you should answer when purchasing Maca.

A. Is this Peruvian Maca? The best quality Maca comes exclusively from the Peruvian Andes and you should insist on it. In fact, the best of the best actually comes from a very small part of these mountains - near Junin Peru.

B. Is this organic Maca root powder? You should always insist that your Maca is organically grown. As with all herbs and foods, organic is simply better and a practical guarantee that the produce is safer and more effective.

C. What color of Maca is best? Both animal studies and human trials have indicated that Red, Yellow and Black Maca have different properties. Find out which is the Best Maca for you.

D. What is the best type of Maca for me? You can get Maca in powder form to mix into smoothies or drinks. If you don't like the taste of Maca you can get Maca root capsules (aka Maca root pills) instead. For the most convenience a liquid Maca extract will be the best choice since you can take it with you on the go. You could also get the closest thing to whole Maca roots, which are Maca chips and eat them in a porridge form. While Maca root powder is certainly the most popular it is not by a long shot the onlly way to incorporate "peruvian ginseng" into your life.

E. Do I want Raw Maca Powder or Gelatinized (pre-cooked). Maca in the raw has a few more nutrients in it, but can cause slight indigestion for about 10% of people. Gelatinized Maca, on the other hand, has had the starch content removed and does not cause any digestive issues. Both are effective for sexual health or to increase fertility, etc. so there is no issue there. If you have a sensitive stomach you should really go with a Gelatinized Maca.

At The Maca Team, we've been sourcing and selling top quality Maca products for year. We got into the business after discovering the product and partnering with an amazing farming co-operative in Peru that is dedicated to producing high quality, organically grown traditional products. We never expected that we would grow so much, but word is starting to get out on "maca lepidium" and people are taking notice.  We even have several medical doctors who promote our products for hot flashes, muscle building, sexual health, increasing hormone levels and more. 

Our dedication is to help you get the best products possible. We grow in small batches, carefully and consciously, we pay our farmers above market price for their roots, we carefully process and package to the highest standards possible. And we do all this because we fully BELIEVE in the products. As you can see on our Maca reviews page, this stuff is really actually and truly helping people feel better, overcome issues like acne and depression, energize their lives, start families and more. It's feedback like that, which keeps us going day in and day out. And we are grateful to be able to serve in this way.

Whether or not you decide to buy one of our products we hope that you will take the above questions into consideration as you look for a reliable source for Maca products. We certainly hope that you will consider ours and if you have any questions, please let us know.

Thank you and enjoy the day!

The Maca Team

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