Why is Peruvian Maca Root the Best Maca Available?

Why is Peruvian Maca Root the Best Maca Available?

Posted by The Maca Team on 21st Feb 2024

In case you hadn’t noticed, we make a point of stressing that the maca root used in all of our products is exclusively Peruvian-grown. To be specific, the maca root chips and powder we make available at TheMacaTeam.com comes from the Junin plateau region of the Peruvian Andes, where it’s grown by a local co-op of farmers using sustainable farming methods that involve rotating the fields used in order to allow the land time to recover between annual harvests. It’s a practice that dates back centuries, utilized worldwide by agrarian societies that knew how best to respect the land they lived off of. As the saying goes: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Do You Know What You're Eating?

Restrictions on GMO foods by the Peruvian government, while not always enforced as stringently as intended, were introduced in order to grant Peruvian consumers the right and the ability “to make adequate and enlightened decisions” regarding the food they put in their bodies. This is especially significant when you consider the kinds of sugary, colorful ingredients that regularly go into food specifically marketed toward young children. For example, did you know that you can be allergic to red food coloring? Harmful additives can be found in commonplace products like yogurt, baked goods, and beverages available on the shelves in grocery stores. That’s why it’s more important than ever to be conscientious about what goes into your diet.

Why Peruvian Maca?

Today, you can find maca that’s been grown in other parts of the world. Maca root (or something like it, anyway) has even been recreated in laboratory environments. But this maca lacks the true nutritional values of Peruvian-grown maca, and there are numerous reasons for this. Maca root isn’t just produce in Peru. It’s a valuable cultural asset, a part of the nation’s history that modern policy seeks to protect. And you’ll learn that current agricultural policy in Peru aims not just to protect culturally-significant food products like maca root, but to ensure that the food Peruvians consume is as safe and healthy as possible.

As the initial ban on GMOs neared its expiration in 2021, citizens and organizations alike rallied in support of extending the restrictions in order to protect their produce and their country’s agricultural integrity as well. That year, Peru renewed its commitment to outright banning the growing of GMO products in the country until 2035. They cited a number of reasons for this decision, a key few of which included: protecting biodiversity within Peru, maintaining cultural ties to the land, and preserving rainforests as well as family farming.

In a world where so many governments seem to be prioritizing profit over preserving natural and cultural treasures, we couldn’t be more proud to have a working relationship with our Peruvian farmers.

Why Shop The Maca Team?  

When you buy from The Maca Team, you know exactly what you’re getting: products containing 100% pure, additive-free maca root. While some of our products do contain other ingredients, like Maca Blue and our maca coffee substitute The Morning Motivator, we guarantee that everything you purchase from The Maca Team contains only organic, non-GMO, certified Fair Trade Ingredients. Even our liquid maca extract is vegan, made with only two ingredients: maca root powder and vegetable-based glycerin.

If you have any more questions about our maca root products, we’d love to hear them! Don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at (888) 919-8616.

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