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Organic Gelatinized Red Maca Powder - 8 oz

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    Certified Organic Gelatinized Maca Red Powder, Fair Trade, GMO Free, Vegan 8 oz (227 g)

    8 oz = 25 Servings @ 3t (9g) daily.  Works out to 83 cents per day.

    Our Gelatinized Black Maca Root Powder is carefully and consciously grown, processed and handled.  It comes from an organic farming cooperative in and around Junin, Peru. We work only with producers who own and manage their lands at a local grass roots level.  The cooperative of farmers is committed both to organic farming and to producing only the highest quality Maca products.


    • Made from 100% Red Maca roots
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • GMO-Free
    • Fair Trade
    • Grown traditionally with respect for the land - near Junin, Peru
    • Sun dried, carefully processed and packaged immediately



    • Our Gelatinized Red Maca Powder is amazingly fresh and an excellent all around Maca
    • Gelatinized Maca is the easiest Maca to digest and best for anyone with a sensitive stomach
    • A special process heats the roots is to remove the starch content, making Gelatinized Maca more concentrated than Raw Maca (you need to take less)
    • Some nutrients including active metabolites are activated and amplified due to the heat and pressure used in making Gelatinized Maca
    • 8 oz foil lined, double sealed, food grade pouch contains 25 individual servings  at 3 t (9g) each.


    Best Used For:

    Red Maca is higher in phytonutrients than our other Maca products, and has a very positive effect on hormone health and balance.  Some research has also indicated that Red Maca has an exceptionally positive effect on women's fertility and hormone balance and on men's prostate health.       Compare all of our Maca powders here.

    Storage/Shelf Life:

    Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)

    Suggested Use:

    1-3 teaspoons mixed in water, juice or smoothies daily.   (Complete serving guidelines)


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    Enjoy the day!

    maca gelatinized

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    1. Not sure...

      I would love to see what benefits I can get from this product but I just can't stand the taste so haven't been able to use it! May try the capsules at a later date and see how it goes. on 24th Oct 2017

    2. I guess Maca Isn't for me. Willing to try the liquid next though.

      I was asked to write this review so here it goes. I have tried the Maca powder for a while and didn't feel right. Gas, and all that. I took the red and felt a strange sensation in my lower half. I probably am not the normal cause I am sensitive to everything I put in my body. I still might try the liquid version but am tired of throwing things away and buying them again. If I could sample the red in liquid form I might try it. On the upside, the Maca Team is VERY professional and always respond and seems like a very good company. Cindy answered all my questions. For those considering Maca, this is the company for sure : )
      on 14th May 2017

    3. So far, great

      I started taking Maca using 1/2 tsp once a day to help balance out my hormones and to help decrease breakout from birth control pills. I tried the raw powder but had to switch to gelatanized due to stomach cramps. I haven't had many issues on the gelatanized. I have since lost weight, I also exercise but wasn't really losing weight as much as inches prior to Maca. My skin definitely doesn't break out as much. My only concern is that my cycle has been prolonged, but this is just the first month so things may even out later. on 24th Feb 2017

    4. Thank you!

      Thank you, Maca Team! I am now expecting after taking your product for 4 weeks. I am feeling great and will continue it throughout my pregnancy. I did not care for the taste so I encapsulated it myself. Next time I will buy the capsules:) on 14th Oct 2016

    5. Best Maca EVER!

      The gelatinized red maca powder from Maca Team is the best maca I ever tried. I bought some maca at GNC and it upset my stomach so much and made me feel awful. The taste was terrible as well. I will buy again and again from Maca Team. on 30th Sep 2016

    6. 1st time & very happy!

      This is the first Maca for me. I started researching it & my searches kept landing on this website. I figured they’ve either got some crazy intense marketing or maybe they really know their Maca. It was most definitely the latter.

      I’ve been using the gelatinized (because I’ve got “one of those” stomachs) & so far so good! I appreciate that they broke it down on their site for who should take which type. It’s been great in settling on my stomach (no problems at all) & I’ve noticed an increase in my energy in the first month. When I contacted them with some questions, I got an immediate & detailed response. And I just ordered another pouch! I don’t have other products to compare it to, but my experience so far has been stellar! I’ve already been telling others about it.
      on 28th May 2016

    7. Great seller!

      The shipping was real quick. Expect to accept it between 14-21 days but it comes in less than 10 days to South Australia.
      Haven't tried the product, so can't testify how it works, but I've tried it on the tip of my finger and it's just taselte like a nut powder.
      on 25th May 2016

    8. good quality

      I had other maca before. I had much sideeffects or no effects, So I always must change products or discontinue. But I knew that maca is good for my problems This red maca from Macateam has very good effects and only little sideeffects in the beginning. I am so happy and will order more. on 29th Dec 2015

  • Warranty Information

    Our passion is providing the highest quality and freshest Maca products available anywhere. We also strive for fast shipping and excellent customer service. As a small business we appreciate and value our customers and treat them exactly how we like to be treated.

    We guarantee all of our products to be fresh and perfectly packed and delivered in great condition. If you ever have any problem with any of our products, let us know and we'll find a solution quickly.

    Enjoy the day!
    The Maca Team

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    Cost Per Day @ 3 Teaspons Daily: 72 cents