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Raw Organic Black Maca Capsules - Vegan - 750 mg - 200 ct

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    Raw Certified Organic Black Maca Capsules, Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Vegan Capsules, 750mg, 200 count

    Suggested Serving 8 capsules (6000 mg) daily - Contains 25 servings.  Works out to $1.14 per day.

    Our Raw Black Maca Capsules contain 100% pure Black Maca powder.  All of our Maca powders are carefully and consciously grown, processed and handled. They come from an organic farming co-opperative near Junin, Peru, the traditional farming area for Maca. We work only with producers who own and manage their lands at a local grass roots level.  The co-op of farmers is committed both to organic farming and to producing the highest quality maca products available anywhere.  We're very happy to support their work..


    • 100% Black Maca Powder in vegan capsules
    • USDA Certified Organic
    • 100% Raw – Never heated above 40 C (115 F)
    • Fair Trade
    • GMO Free
    • 200 capsules
    • 750 mg each
    • 25 servings
    • Product of Peru
    • Dark amber plastic jar to protect capsules from light (recyclable)



    • Black Maca is the best type of Maca for muscle building, stamina, strong bones, mental focus, improved mood, male fertility and male libido
    • High in carbohydrates (59%) for sustained for increased, sustained and balanced energy and high in bio-available protein (10.2%) that supports healthy, natural muscle growth
    • Contains 17 amino acids, 23 free fatty acids and 4 unique glucosinolates that support optimal hormone balance and health for men and women
    • Mineral rich with high levels of calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron to support bone density and heart health


    Black Maca is known for:

    • Increasing male fertility and libido (women should try Red Maca for fertility)
    • Boosting athletic performance includingproviding extra stamina and strength
    • Improving  memory, concentration and focus
    • Building muscle
    • Supporting bone strength and density 


    Compare all of our Maca powders here.

    Advantages of taking Black Maca capsules:

    Using our organic Black Maca capsules have unique benefits as compared to Maca powders.   First, when using capsules it's easier to get an exact dosage.  Second, for people who shy away from the taste of Maca, capsules are a great alternative.  Finally, Maca capsules are particularly useful on the go.   They are easy to take on business trips, when travelling,  when camping etc.

    We also offer Black Maca in powder form in three different sizes.

    Storage/Shelf Life:

    Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)  

    Suggested Use:

    2-8 capsules daily -  best taken in the morning - with or without food.  (Complete serving guidelines)


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    Enjoy the day!

    Raw black Maca

  • Product Reviews


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    1. Icing On The Cake

      I've been taking Macca capsules (usually 8, in the am) for a month. I've noticed an increase in focus and retention. My energy level is high to begin with (I follow a paleo lifestyle), but I think the Macca has slightly improved that as well... I'm a 52 year old man. I'm 6 foot & weigh 168 lbs.. I would recommend this product, as it is affordable. on 9th Jun 2017



    3. Review on Black MACA capsules

      After using capsules for about 15 days, I have noticed very few effects if any. I do admit some rise in my energy/endurance rate, but overall, as far as libido boost, improvement of concentration and focus skills I've had little or no change at this point. I have been consistent in my daily dosage and plan to finish the remainder of my purchase. Hopefully I will see some positive effects soon. on 10th May 2017

    4. Great product

      Did my research on black maca and read great reviews about your company so gave you a try. Phenomenal product and definitely feelin the difference. Thank you for putting out such a great product. on 6th May 2017

    5. Love This Stuff!!!

      I could not be happier. I turned 58 in March and my enrgy and stamina are back to where it was in my 30's. I also use the red maca and have been able to sleep through the night with little or no bathroom visits. on 28th Apr 2017

    6. Great stuff!

      My boyfriend is taking it to boost fertility, we don't know if it's helped in that area yet, but I can say he has more overall energy, and stamina!! It's been a plus overall for us! on 16th Apr 2017

    7. Present Results

      I'm presently ten pills away from finishing my first 200 count bottle. I'm not certain if extra was packed in, or if I started day one with six, but I can't complain either way. Day 25 is almost upon me.

      I don't normally take supplements. I take one normal multivitamin a day to help supplement my dietary choices as a mostly strict vegetarian. So, I'm going to be pretty straight forward in my observations.

      I'll update this review, if possible, in the future.
      I take eight pills every single morning when I wake up before preparing to head out to my classroom for instruction. After a short period, it's very clear that I'm receiving some small burst of energy where I might otherwise drag. I don't normally eat in the morning, but the energy is sufficient enough to make me believe that just twenty calories didn't make a difference. So that's a perk.

      I didn't buy the pills for my muscles or bones, and I'm not undergoing any particular building exercise routines, so I can't comment on any notable progress there.

      Fertility wise, I've noticed a boom in terms of sperm quantity. Similarly, I've noticed a very minor impact on what I believe is my libido. The latter was my main reason for my purchase, and I aimed to complete a 50-day cycle to test my results. So, any results are minor here; any progress at all has made me hopeful.

      So, in short, I've mostly noted that black maca has had some minor effects. If I could realistically afford to consume 12 capsules worth of the pills, I believe I would see even more
      of a result. I think if you can work out post maca consumption in the morning that you'll definitely see more results, regardless. I'm going to give it another twenty five days and see where I'm at.

      I'll update my review in the future if possible.
      on 11th Mar 2017

    8. No Impact

      This is my second order, but frankly, I don't feel any impact from taking the capsules. on 3rd Mar 2017

    9. Did wonders

      Was trying for four years to get my wife prago no luck! got this and about a month later we are love it!!! on 8th Jan 2017

    10. Black Maca Capsules

      I've been taking Maca now for sometime been in my late sixties and still enjoying an active and healthy life wish I believe is in part due to your Black Maca I intend to keep using this product as it is of good quality and the delivery service you provide is fantastic. on 21st Oct 2016

  • Warranty Information

    We guarantee all of our products to be fresh and perfectly packed and delivered in great condition. If you have any problem, let us know and we'll take care of it straight away. Thanks. - The Maca Team

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    Cost Per Day @ 3 Teaspons Daily: $1.19