5 Reasons to Eat Maca Powder For Better Health

5 Reasons to Eat Maca Powder For Better Health

Posted by The Maca Team on 23rd Feb 2021

Improving your health can seem like a tough mountain to climb, but often all it takes to start on the right path is a few small lifestyle adjustments. For example, our diets are an important factor to consider in matters of wellness, because what we eat determines the nutrients that our cells have access to. Even small changes here could help to affect our health in a positive direction.

Maca powder is an easy way to give your diet a nutritional boost, which could potentially lead to an array of health benefits. Those who take high-quality maca root products on a regular basis often report feeling more energized, with better performance at the gym, clearer skin, better moods, and even improved fertility rates.

If you are interested in working to improve your health and well-being, maca is undoubtedly worth a deeper look. Below we will detail some of the reasons why it’s so important to look after your diet and how this plays a role in your health, as well as key health benefits that maca root may be able to provide.

Can Maca Powder Actually Improve Your Health?

The big question that is probably on your mind at this point is whether or not there is any reason to think that maca powder can actually give your health a boost or if it’s all just hype. When digging into the effectiveness of maca, it’s worth noting here that unlike many other products on the market, we’re dealing with a vegetable, not a supplement. Vegetables are one of the most important elements of a complete diet, containing a wide range of important nutrients.

What sets maca apart is its nutrient density. Unlike many other vegetables, maca is a highly nutritious root vegetable that contains an impressive list of vitamins, minerals, sterols, antioxidants, fatty acids, and more. Compared to other vegetables like cucumbers and potatoes, maca can be rightfully considered a “superfood,” given how stuffed it is with essential and even rare nutrients.

Since everyone’s health needs are different and the origins of many health issues aren’t necessarily based on diet alone, it’s hard to make a blanket statement in regards to whether or not maca root can improve your health or not. However, what we do know about this root vegetable is that it happens to contain a specific cache of nutrients that give it potential hormone-balancing properties, as well as adaptogenic properties. Research conducted on maca root has shown promising results for a number of different ailments and issues, and those who eat fresh, quality maca products regularly seem to concur that it helps with energy levels, muscle-building, libido, and with memory, and mental clarity.

What is great about maca is that it is easy to use, as it’s not like you have to suddenly learn a bunch of exotic recipes to take advantage of this unique vegetable. This is one reason why it’s being adopted by so many people who are concerned about their health and who want to find simple ways to eat better. Maca is an all-natural way of obtaining a large number of different vitamins and other minerals without having to make any drastic dietary changes.

Prioritizing a Healthy Diet

The benefits of eating right aren’t something you can reliably quantify over the span of a single meal. This is a kind of lifestyle change you have to adopt and stick with over a long period of time to see any kind of decent results. However, as many of us know all too well, eating right isn’t always easy, or affordable for that matter.

Between elaborate meal planning, learning how to craft new recipes, and potentially dropping some of your favorite foods or learning how to cook your favorites in a healthier way, eating a healthier diet can be downright difficult, and that’s putting it mildly. Yet, to a certain degree, we all know how important it is to eat healthily, because where else are our bodies going to get high-quality nutrients from?

This is where maca root can certainly be used to help you get more nutrients in your diet without making radical changes to the way you eat. Instead of learning a bunch of new recipes or increasing your salad intake, you can simply utilize high-quality organic maca powder throughout the day. By adding this nutrient-filled root vegetable into your diet in a form that is extremely versatile, it won’t feel like work to keep up with your “new” healthier diet.

The Best Reasons to Eat Maca Powder

At this point, you might be wondering what some of the actual specific benefits are to using maca products. Over the past few decades, ample research has been conducted into this root vegetable and it seems the more we learn the better its prospects become, which is one of the reasons why you’re hearing more and more about maca with each passing year.

There is a lot to love about maca, from small benefits to potentially huge ones, but below we have narrowed down 5 of the best reasons why you should start using it.

Incredible Amount of Beneficial Nutrients

As was mentioned above, maca root just so happens to include a wide variety of nutrients. In and of itself this may not seem like anything that’s all that impressive or a reason to start using it in your diet, but when you really look at the number of different nutrients and compare it to other popular foods, it’s no wonder why maca stands out. If you are at all concerned about improving your diet and getting more nutrients, this is one food you’re not going to want to pass up, vegetable or not!

Maca Powder Has Been Shown to Help With Hormonal Issues

One of the major benefits that have been associated with maca root is its ability to potentially affect our hormones in a positive way. You may not immediately understand the importance of this until you realize that our hormones are responsible for regulating a great deal of what goes on inside our bodies. From the complexion of our skin to our energy and stamina, our metabolism, and even our mood can all be affected by our hormonal balance.

Maca root’s specific array of nutrients seems to help when it comes to naturally balancing hormones. Many take maca for such purposes as relief from the symptoms of menopause, low fertility, low stamina, brain fog, and thyroid issues, all of which are tied to our hormones to some degree.

Whether you are looking for a natural way to boost energy, help with fertility issues, or manage anxiety, it certainly appears as though maca may be of some benefit. Whenever unbalanced hormones come into play, there’s always the potential for health complications, and being able to address these gently and naturally through a healthier diet is always the optimal course, especially if other routes have not shown any promise for you.

Maca May Give You a Natural Energy Boost

Speaking of which, there is a lot of evidence floating around that indicates that maca increases energy. While there is no definitive consensus on this, many who enjoy maca root on a regular basis say that it helps them maintain energy levels and may even boost stamina as well. There are multiple reasons why this could be, such as the previously mentioned hormone-balancing properties found in maca, as well as the sheer amount of beneficial nutrients.

A lack of energy can indicate thyroid, metabolism, or hormonal imbalances, but it may also mean you simply need to eat some good food. Amino acids, vitamins, and even some minerals play key roles in our energy levels. Without proper nutrition, fatigue can set in quite easily. So something as simple as adding maca powder to your diet may actually give you the boost you need to feel energized throughout the day.

What’s also worth noting about using maca root for energy is that it is natural and won’t leave you with any of the side-effects that caffeine or taurine might. If you add maca root to your breakfast, it’s not like you’re going to crash a few hours later. Natural energy that comes from eating a healthier diet won’t leave you jittery or anxious either.

Great For Fighting Stress

Remember earlier when we mentioned that maca was an adaptogen? There seems to be some evidence that would indicate that maca root can help mitigate the effects of stress, which is massive from a health and wellness point of view.

Stress is being recognized as one of the worst afflictions in the modern world, related to numerous health issues ranging from ulcers, to chronic headaches, to digestive issues and even heart disease. Even marginal stress can negatively impact the immune system, leaving us open to colds, flus, and infections.

Managing stress is another story though. It’s easy to say “don’t get stressed out” but the reality is we live in a stressful world. Knowing how to practice self-care by eating right definitely helps, but sometimes this isn’t enough. This is where using maca comes in.

An adaptogen like maca root can provide the body with a means of naturally combatting the effects of stress, especially from a neurological standpoint. Since stress is behind so many different illnesses and issues, eating maca on a regular basis may be just what you need in order to feel healthier.

Beneficial For Skin and Hair as Well

One last benefit that is worth mentioning is that eating organic maca powder may even help give you clearer skin and stronger hair. While these may not seem like big issues, especially compared to some of the other benefits we looked at above, they are very impactful from a quality of life perspective.

Having damaged or blotchy skin, hormonal acne, dull or thinning hair, and other such issues can have a negative impact on everyday life. It’s hard to cultivate a confident self-image and live a healthy life if your skin and hair are compromised.

Maca is able to potentially affect these areas in a positive way because the health of our skin and hair is heavily dependant on certain vitamins. Think about all of the skincare products you see on shelves these days and how many of them proudly display that they contain a specific vitamin or a derivative of one? Even Retinol, one of the most effective and widely used skincare ingredients, is a form of Vitamin A.

By including more vitamins and other important plant-based nutrients in your diet, it could potentially stand to better your complexion and improve your hair health over time.

Easy Ways to Use Maca Root Powder

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to start using maca powders in your diet. Even though you won’t have to learn any elaborate recipes to do so, you may still be a bit foggy as to how to actually use maca. Here are some tips:

●Add a spoonful of maca to your favorite coffee blend (or try our delicious maca coffee).

●Mix in some maca in everyday waffle or pancake batter.

●Drop a spoonful or two in a glass of water if you like the flavor.

●Sprinkle some in your oatmeal.

●Add it to soups or chili for lunch.

●Maca root works well in smoothies.

●Try mixing it into some brownie batter for a tasty and healthy treat.

You don’t need to go out of your way to upend your diet just to include maca root. Take a look at some of the maca recipes we have featured here for more inspiration.

If you are interested in trying high-quality maca powder for yourself, you will find a great selection to choose from right here at The Maca Team. Our maca products are fresh, organic, GMO-free, and completely vegan as well. In case you have sensitive digestion, we also carry an array of gelatinized maca products too. If you need more information about maca or one of our products, you can reach us at 888-919-8616 and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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