Building Muscle with Maca Root

Building Muscle with Maca Root

Posted by The Maca Team on 25th Apr 2024

If you’ve been committed to putting on muscle for a while, you’re probably familiar with the adage that “Abs are built in the kitchen.” No matter how many hours you dedicate to your gym routine, you won’t see really measurable gains unless you’re keeping your body well nourished. That means eating conscientiously and making sure that you’re getting plenty of vitamins and minerals along with your protein. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are key factors in getting your body to peak performance levels. So how can maca help you achieve your fitness goals?

Maca’s Nutritional Value

Maca's nutritional values

A dedicated bodybuilder’s kitchen may look like an alchemist’s workroom with all its bottles and packets of supplements. But eating smart doesn’t have to be complicated. Being aware of the nutrients in what you eat is a step toward attaining your goals. Let’s start with maca root.

Our page on Maca Nutrition Facts spells out what you might anticipate from this superfood. Based on a daily ten gram serving of maca root, you can expect 1.6 grams of bioavailable plant protein that’s ready for your body to assimilate.

But that’s only scraping the surface of the nutritional powerhouse that is maca root. Maca root contains nearly all of your essential amino acids, which are responsible for driving many of your body’s cellular functions. Maca is also a good source of free fatty acids as well as vitamins, namely vitamins B1 and B2, Vitamin C, and Niacin. What about minerals? Maca root contains major minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium in addition to minor minerals such as iron and zinc.

One reason maca has been historically consumed in the Peruvian Andes for over 2000 years is its reported impact on energy levels and stamina. A 2009 study of endurance levels in subjects consuming maca extract found that supplementing with maca improved 40km cycling time trials in the participants, paving the way for further research on the effects of maca on athletes.

Maca and Your Muscles

Maca athlete Ed Urbano - shop have found that maca consumption can contribute to the accumulation of muscle mass. This is where we introduce you to All-Natural Bodybuilder Ed Urbano, a retired carpenter who became serious about putting on muscle in 2009. Ed started taking maca after a recommendation from his personal trainer. While there isn't a lot of fat content in maca, its hormone-balancing properties and nutrient profile can help the body put on weight through muscle development. It’s also naturally anabolic, which means that it aids the body in building up muscle. Research has found that consuming maca encourages muscular hypertrophy, or growth. Ed particularly credits our tricolor maca products and The Morning Motivator maca coffee substitute in contributing to his energy levels, fueling his strength-building workouts.

Maca Products for Muscle Building

Premium raw red maca powder - shop

For building muscle, we recommend checking out our red or black maca root products. Whether you’re purchasing our standard raw sundried maca or premium maca, our 100% pure, organic maca root powders are perfect for adding to smoothies and juices. We’ve even done the work of collecting some tried-and-true maca smoothie recipes for you!

Our maca liquid extracts are another easy way to incorporate maca into your diet. These potent extracts are made with only maca roots and vegetable glycerin, and the extraction process has no negative impact on the nutritional value of the maca content. It’s quick and easy to add a few droppers of maca extract to your favorite beverage.

Is Maca Right For You?

Black maca liquid extract - shop

If you have any questions for us about our family-run business or our maca products, don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616. We really believe in our maca, and we hope you will too.

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