Can Maca Help with Hair Loss?

Can Maca Help with Hair Loss?

Posted by The Maca Team on 30th Oct 2023

If you’ve done the research on maca, you might be asking yourself if there’s anything it can’t do. Well, it won’t give you instant muscle growth and a renewed fighting spirit - it isn’t spinach, and you aren’t a one-eyed sailor. But with every blog post at, our oal is to give you a better idea of what benefits our organic maca root might be able to offer you, and how you can get the most out of it.

This includes ways that it can combat some common and less-common health concerns…and while some might think otherwise, the state of your hair can have a noteworthy impact on your overall well being. In addition to indicating as-yet undiagnosed conditions, your feelings about your appearance may weigh heavily on your self-esteem, and your mental health as a whole.

So how can maca help with that?

Your Health and Your Hair

There are numerous reasons you might find yourself dealing with hair loss. The most obvious include cancer treatments like chemotherapy, which often cause the hair to weaken and fall out. With the rise of stress levels across the country, you may find yourself becoming one of the 5-10 million Americans struggling with trichotillomania, a nervous condition causing the sufferer to sometimes unconsciously tear out large quantities of their own hair.

What are some ways to combat hair loss? Pharmaceuticals are an option, and of course many still opt into the tried-and-true (but uncomfortable and inconvenient) method of donning wigs. But there’s the recent move toward “nutraceuticals” to consider. Nutraceuticals are natural food items associated with numerous natural health benefits in addition to their basic nutritional value. You might have guessed where we’re going with this.

Maca and Hair Health

If you run a basic search for maca and hair loss, you’ll find blog posts and articles by several companies known for selling hair care products touted as “natural” and “organic.” In some cases these might be shampoos and leave-in treatments made from a few basic ingredients and priced for brand recognition rather than quality.

It’s a woefully underappreciated fact that your diet and exercise will have a more significant impact on the quality of your hair than anything you lather it with. Your diet provides the nourishment your hair needs in the form of essential vitamins and amino acids, which are responsible for producing keratin, a protein that keeps your hair vibrant and shiny. And what’s a good source of those vitamins and amino acids? You guessed it - maca root.

Choosing Maca for Your Hair

Maca for stronger, healthier hair is no different from maca for any other need. This is because maca is so dense with nutrients, there are so many ways it can benefit you. The glucosinolates present in maca root (especially in our Premium Maca Powders) possess anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties - enough that research has found that cancer patients consuming maca experience reduced oxidative stress in the hair follicle, and therefore more hair growth. Maca root also cut down on the body’s production of IL-6, a known factor in alopecia areata.

If you’re concerned about facing hair loss in the future, the best time to work at staving it off is the present. Like a skincare routine aimed at reducing wrinkles, adding maca to your diet can help keep your body in fighting shape against a variety of health concerns. Consider trying out one of our organic premium maca powders, made with only non-GMO, Fair Trade Peruvian-grown maca root.

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