Hormonal Health with Maca

Hormonal Health with Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 8th Jun 2023

Among the many health benefits associated with a maca regimen, one of the many that comes up repeatedly is maca’s positive impact on hormonal health. Given that maca is popularly associated with increasing fertility and the libido, this should come as no surprise. We’ve extolled the ways in which maca influences the body’s response to concerns like the effects of menopause, sexual performance, and anxiety and depression. Let’s take an in-depth look at some of the ways that adding maca to your diet can result in improved overall hormone health.

Maca for Menopause

While Hormone Replacement Therapy (or HRT) can effectively minimize the negative effects of menopause on the bodies of those assigned female at birth, there have been some concerns regarding the increased risk of breast cancer and heart disease. Because of this, many patients seeking treatment for the difficult symptoms of menopause have turned to homeopathic remedies including herbs and tinctures…with limited success.

In the Peruvian Andes where maca has been grown for many generations, it’s been touted as a remedy for issues with fertility, fatigue, and more. Menopause is one issue which maca has been historically affiliated with. As an adaptogen with little to no toxicity, this root has quickly gained a reputation as a “safe” superfood to the extent that some consider it a cure-all.

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Maca can’t always cure what ails you. But research has shown that it can help balance hormonal levels during menopause. While scientists are still trying to determine exactly how it does this, evidence indicates that taking maca mitigates menopause symptoms like depression, mood swings, and anxiety. Researchers have determined that this makes maca of real use to those undergoing menopause, and that it might benefit pre-menopausal individuals to begin consuming maca in anticipation of its onset.

Maca for Testosterone

If you’re wondering if maca can increase the production of testosterone in your body, the short answer is: no. Maca doesn’t contain testosterone, and as such shouldn’t be treated as a testosterone supplement, nor as a substitute for HRT.

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Nonetheless, maca does have a positive effect on the libido as well as production and quality of sperm. It’s believed that maca may work by stimulating the body to step up its own production of hormones. Combined with the invigorating effects of an extended maca regimen, this results in more energy and improved stamina, all of which can in some cases be addressed more safely with maca than they might be with HRT.

Which Maca Should I Take for Hormone Health?

In areas where maca has been historically harvested and consumed, the three root colors - red, black, and yellow - aren’t generally separated, and are instead consumed as a tri-color or “heritage blend.”

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That said, because of modern-day research into the benefits of maca, two colors in particular have been singled out for improving or seeming to improve hormone health for specific genders: namely, red maca for women and black maca for men. While there are no real drawbacks to taking one over the other, red maca has become more closely associated with fertility and libido in women while black maca can impact the body in ways that a masculine-presenting person might prefer, mostly with regard to increased muscle-building potential.

What we’re saying is this - there’s no “wrong” maca and no “right” way to enjoy its benefits. Our Maca Finder product selection tool can help you identify a good maca product to start with based on your desired effects, your body’s digestion, and your activity levels. You can also pick up one of our maca sample sets to try different maca root colors and formulations.

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