Maca Root Extract for Improving Memory

Maca Root Extract for Improving Memory

Posted by The Maca Team on 13th Sep 2023

We’ve delved into maca’s impact on focus and cognitive function in the past, but what does that mean for your memory? While many of the benefits associated with adding to your diet are the easily measurable kind, like added body mass or increased stamina, maca’s cognitive effects are now beginning to gain better recognition. One of these is the impact of maca root on the brain’s ability to create and retain memory.

Your Brain on Maca


In the Peruvian Andes, where maca root originates, it has long been touted for its physical and mental health benefits. For hundreds of years, natives of the region have lauded it for improving strength and agility in addition to its enhancement of mental clarity and memory-keeping. This depends on regular consumption, of course, and preferably in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

A 2011 study found that mice treated with a liquid extract derived from black maca root showed marked improvements in learning and memory formation, and overall improvement in cognitive function. In fact, further research seems to suggest that adding maca to your diet is especially beneficial for those experiencing age-related cognitive decline, with middle-aged mice treated with maca demonstrating developed cognitive function and motor coordination, concluding that maca may show its worth as a “functional food” for slowing down age-related mental decline.

A 2014 review on the use of medicinal plants historically used in treating learning and memory impairments noted that contemporary studies had identified maca’s ability to increase brain activity in mice in addition to seemingly reversing the side effects of harmful substances subjects were exposed to, including ethanol. That’s not to say that maca is a miracle cure - it’s just a humble little root, after all, albeit one with a long and storied history of positive effects on those who consume it. But the evidence does point to maca improving quality of life in men and women who have added it to their diets.

Which Maca Helps with Memory

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The process of sorting maca roots by color - red, black, and yellow - is a fairly recent one. Traditionally maca would have been consumed as a tri-color or “heritage” blend. With recent scientific developments, although it’s been determined that the different colors of maca root do differ enough in their effects that it might be worth favoring one over the other, though none of them will impact you negatively.

We’ve prepared a Maca Finder product selection tool that allows you to input some information about yourself in addition to your desired goals before recommending one of our organic maca products for you. But based on research, as well as input from our own customers, we would typically suggest black maca root for improving your memory.

Our maca liquid extracts are a quick, convenient way to add maca to your diet. These potent liquid extracts contain the same nutrients and compounds you’d find in our traditional, organically-grown raw powdered maca, but are easier for the body to absorb and digest. Our black maca liquid extract (and all of our liquid extracts!) contain only two ingredients: vegetable glycerin, and whole maca root chips that have undergone a proprietary 4-step process to extract their nutrients. The best way to enjoy liquid maca extract is to hold about ¼ teaspoon under your tongue for about 30 seconds. Of course, you could also just add a couple droppers full to your morning beverage, too. Our extracts are convenient to take on the go, allowing you to experience maca’s benefits at your convenience.

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