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How Maca Root Helps Make You More Disease Resistant

1st Sep 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca root is in a grouped into a class of substances called adaptogens. These are foods, minerals, herbs, and other substances that help your body become more resistant to diseases. How does it work? Maca root is great for both your physical and emotional well-being, both of which are vital to your immune system. People who take maca regularly experience great well-being, which assists in strengthening the body's ability to ward off disease. The Peruvian root also balances the hormones in your body, which are directly responsible for making your body work correctly. Another thing tha […]

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How Maca Powder Can Help You Keep Your Hormones Balanced

9th Aug 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

While you likely associate hormones with the ravages of adolescence, hormones are actually responsible for a variety of functions within your body throughout your lifetime. Many common health concerns can actually be attributed to an imbalance of hormones in your body, because when your hormones aren’t working correctly your body can’t function properly. Fortunately, there are ways to help your body rebalance itself, and maca powder is a great way to start.For people suffering from hormonal imbalance, symptoms can range from anxiety, to weight gain, to insomnia, to depression, and much more. Y […]

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Where We Go To Buy Maca for Our Customers

23rd Jul 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Maca isn't something most people can grow in their backyard. When we were wondered where to buy maca for our online store, we knew we wanted to find an authentic, organic source. The maca plant is native to the Andes mountains in Peru, and grows at elevations of around 13,000 feet above sea level which means it can withstand some widely varied temperatures. We developed relationships with maca growers in Peru and began a mutually beneficial relationship to bring the best maca products to the United States. The plant itself is similar to a turnip, and the roots are what is utilized for medicina […]

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What Makes Maca Root a Superfood?

21st Jul 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

You’ve probably heard maca root referred to as a superfood, but might be wondering what is packed into this radish relative that makes it so super? For a small root, maca is full of protein, fiber, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. All of these ingredients combine to give you benefits like balanced hormones, increased sexual function, more energy, and in increase in your mental clarity. Check out the makeup of a maca root: ●59% carbohydrates (these are quality carbs that increase your energy)●10.2% protein●8.5% fiber (great for your digestion system and regularity!) ●Amino acids (maca […]

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How to Add Maca Powder to Your Diet

13th Jul 2014 Posted by: The Maca Team

Many people want to take Maca powder but aren’t sure how to incorporate it into their diets. Don’t be intimidated by this amazing superfood! Maca is actually really easy to add to your daily routine because it can be mixed with other food and a drinks. The earthy flavor adds richness to your recipes and won’t overpower their taste. Check out some of our favorite ideas:●  Add it to your smoothie. Simply dump in your daily dose of maca powder and blend it into your smoothie. This is great for your morning routine, as you’ll get a boost of energy to take on the rest of your day. ● &nb […]

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