Where Does Maca Come From?

Where Does Maca Come From?

Posted by The Maca Team on 9th Mar 2023

If you’ve made the decision to embrace a health-conscious lifestyle, you recognize the importance of carefully sourcing what you put into your body. The regulations behind that bright yellow ORGANIC sticker on your produce might not be as tight as you think. And in recent years, there’s been talk of the harm industries have caused native communities by buying out valuable commodities like white sage and quinoa for markup and resale in worldwide marketplaces. So when you’re buying a food that’s supposed to be particularly healthy for you, you want to be sure that it’s 1) exactly what it claims to be and 2) procured as sustainably and fairly as possible.

That’s where The Maca Team comes in.

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Where Does My Maca Come From?

In the early 2010s, the unregulated export of maca roots and seeds from Peru resulted in a boom in the amount of maca root products available on the marketplace. While that might seem like a good thing at first, in fact, this incident resulted in the health food scene being flooded with poorly-grown, low-quality maca products. When a food is harvested far from the native soil in which it thrives, it becomes much more difficult to vouch for its efficacy. That’s why we at The Maca Team make it a point to let our buyers know exactly what they’re getting and where it came from.

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Our maca products, including our raw powdered maca and liquid maca extracts, are all 100% fair trade, non-GMO, organically-grown maca root all the time. These aren’t just “buzzwords” we’re throwing around just to sell you something. We source our maca products from our fields in the Peruvian Andes in the Lake Junin area, a region known for its maca harvests for hundreds if not thousands of years. Our family-owned business works with local growers to ensure that our maca root is harvested sustainably, allowing the fields to rest between growing periods so as to protect the health of the land and ensure that we’re always able to import reliably good maca.

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How Can You Get Our Maca?

Our pure maca root products are either sundried after being gathered; or immediately dehydrated at low-temperature to produce our premium maca formulation, resulting in maca with a higher percentage of anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting glucosinolates. Since the maca market was compromised by companies producing cheap, inferior products, Peru has banned the export of whole maca root from the country. That’s one reason why we import only small batches of our maca. We do things this way so that you can be sure your maca is as fresh as possible, and you can find information on our website on the expected shelf-life of your maca root purchase - a testament to our transparency and our desire to source only the best maca for our buyers.

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We aren’t just looking to sell you something. Our website contains lots of information on identifying the right maca product for you, whether you have a sensitive digestion that would benefit best from our pre-cooked gelatinized maca root chips, or you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck with our premium powdered tricolor maca blend. We’ve researched and written the comprehensive articles you find in our FAQs and blog posts so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing maca. Whether you’re content to rely on your own research, or gathering information for a conversation with your licensed medical professional, we’re here to help. When you’re purchasing from us, our goal is for you to join the many happy customers who have been moved to contribute their testimonials of our products. So why not give The Maca Team’s maca a try?

Enjoy the Day! 

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