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Organic Raw Sundried Red Maca Powder 1 kg


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The Maca Team

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Weight: 36.00 Ounces

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Cost Per Day @ 3 Teaspons Daily: 51 cents

 Raw Sundried Red Maca Root Powder, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Vegan and Raw 1 kg (2.2 lb - 35 oz)

 1 kg = 111 Servings @ 3t (9g) daily – Our Best Value on Raw Sundried Red Maca!

 Our Raw Sundried Red Maca Root Powder is carefully and consciously grown, processed and handled.  It comes from an organic farming cooperative in and around Junin, Peru. We work only with producers who own and manage their lands at a local grass roots level.  The cooperative of farmers is committed both to organic farming and to producing the highest quality Maca products available anywhere.  We're very happy to support their work.


  • Certified Organicr-300-lifestyle.png
  • GMO Free
  • Fair Trade
  • Never heated over 105F / 40C
  • Grown traditionally with respect for the land - near Junin, Peru
  • Sun dried, carefully processed and packaged immediately
  • 100% Raw and Vegan
  • Made from 100% Red Maca roots



  • Red Maca is highest in all major phytonutrients and is considered to be the best of all Maca powders for hormone balance, female fertility and libido, natural energy boosting and for male prostate
  • Red Maca root is the rarest color of Maca and incredibly vital. It is the highest growing crop in the world (above 14000 feet), and. And it thrives in extremes of cold, wind and sunlight
  • Red Maca is one of the most nutrient dense foods known. It is high in carbohydrates (59%), bio-available protein (10.2%), fiber (8.5%) and calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and iron. Red Maca also contains 17 amino acids, 23 free fatty acids and significant amounts of niacin and vitamins B1, B2 and C
  • Red Maca contains 4 unique nutrients called macaenes and macamides that support optimal hormone balance, vitality and strength in both men and women. It is also an adapotgenic food (like ginseng) that has been shown to significantly raise life force energy
  • 2.2 lb foil lined, double sealed, food grade pouch contains 111 individual servings  at 3 t (9g) each.  That is enough to last one person nearly 4 months


Best Used For:

Red Maca is higher in phytonutrients than other Maca colors, and has a very positive effect on hormone health and balance.  Some research has also indicated that Red Maca has an exceptionally positive effect on women's fertility and on men's prostate health.  Our Red Maca Powder is sweeter than our other powders, making it great for everyone including children.  Please note that results may vary from person to person.   Compare all of our Maca powders here.

Storage/Shelf Life:

Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)

Suggested Use:

1-3 teaspoons mixed in water, juice or smoothies daily.  (Complete serving guidelines)

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Enjoy the day!

Raw Maca

206 Reviews
  • Maree McDonald

    Maree McDonald 10th Jul 2019

    Red maca powder

    This is the only Maca Root powder company that I trust to supply a quality
    Maca Root powder. They seem so passionate with regards to sourcing & processing their product, that it is worth the wait to have it shipped to Australia.
    Kind regards,

  • Unknown 19th May 2019

    Morning wood

    I mix this red Marca with cacoa, seems to be giving me some serious morning erections
    if thats a side effect, I'll take it!

  • Sara

    Sara 3rd Mar 2019

    Natural sugar

    I wish I would of known the natural sugar content in the raw red powder. I would have bought the extract instead. It's still too soon to tell a difference.

  • Collin Kirkpatrick

    Collin Kirkpatrick 12th Feb 2019

    Excellent Quality & Performance!

    This product has proven to be excellent and performs as stated time and time again. I highly recommend to all. As a high quality supplement manufacturer for over 40 years, I approves of only the best... and this raw material exhibits best-in-class quality and effectiveness. Highly recommended!

  • Canadian Customer

    Canadian Customer 14th Jan 2019

    Excellent Product

    I used Maca product from different company and decided to try Maca sold by Maca Team. The Maca Team product is much more superior in quality, has better taste and in general it makes me feel better after using it just for two weeks. This is from now on my place to go!
    Thank you Maca Team for such a great product you have and for your detailed info and it!

  • Gaspar Torres

    Gaspar Torres 11th Dec 2018

    Maca red powder

    I always use it from many time and I feel very well with it.

  • Unknown 16th Sep 2018

    Love this product

    I use this blended with organic almond milk as a preworkout drink and as my last “meal” prior to bed. I love the taste and the fullness I feel after drinking. I did not have digestive issues with this product and prefer the taste of this over the gelatinized version which reminds me of over roasted coffee.

  • Steve John

    Steve John 15th Sep 2018

    I'm Hooked

    I started taking a combination of red and black raw maca powder 3 weeks ago. I'm a 63 year old male. My original reason for trying it was to balance my hormones (I have hypothyroidism). The thing that was most striking was the boost of energy and endurance during workouts. It has been incredible, especially the endurance. I am easily able to push my weight training and cardio far further than ever before. I've increased my weights by 25% over 3 weeks time. I am so pleased with the quality of the maca products. Thank you for all that you do. I'm a loyal customer now.


    KEMI KOLAWOLE. 27th Jun 2018

    Perfect Hormone Balance

    I got to know Red Maca Powder through a friend who has been taken it for a while. I called it perfect hormone balancer because that's exactly what it does for me. I was going through PMS when I started taking it and the problem was solved within a month. Although the aroma may not be pleasant at first but with time I got use to it and I'm enjoying it. I have introduced it to my clients both male and female because of its benefits on general health. Its a whole food very rich in nutrients especially when taken first in the morning before breakfast, one may not remember to take breakfast again. I MUST NOT RUN SHORT OF IT. I WILL CONTINUE TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT.

  • Liz

    Liz 16th Jun 2018

    Great product

    I have used this product for a week and I have seen benefits regarding my energy levels already. I consume it together with black maca every morning and is absolutely amazing. Thank you.

  • Unknown 11th Jun 2018

    Great energy

    HAVE USED THIS PRODUCT FOR 2 YEARS AND AM VERY SATISFIED WITH ITS RESULTS. Provides energy as well as nutritiousness.

  • Edward Bernacki

    Edward Bernacki 10th Jun 2018

    Good and fresh

    very powdery, fresh tasting, slightly sweet not old bitter taste. Best red maca I have seen and tasted

  • Shelly from Austin

    Shelly from Austin 3rd Jun 2018

    Very Satisfied

    So far I am very impressed with this Maca. I am using Maca Red and in the 3-4 weeks I've been using this product, I have most certainly noticed a drastic change in my energy level. I have always been very active and in the past 2 years or so, noticed an unbelievable change in my energy levels due to hormone fluctuations. This Maca seems to have helped in an overall balanced feeling as well as energy level. It's been a night/day change for me. Packaging is awesome, shipping time was extremely prompt. Very, very satisfied with this product and the company

  • Mary C Vest

    Mary C Vest 31st May 2018

    Beat My Expectations!

    I love this product! I have suffered with severe symptoms of menopause for several years, tried expensive pills, herbs, eyc. The red raw Maca settled my hot flashes down to almost nothing, my cravings for carbs and sweets have subsided, I sleep better and have lost weight. Thanks Maca Team

  • Unknown 22nd May 2018

    Delicious and Fresh

    Product arrives promptly and always tastes fresh. I have definitely felt more energetic since incorporating Maca into my diet.

  • Unknown 19th May 2018

    I add to smoothie every morning.

    This is a great product...delicious and good for me too.

  • Gregory Deyermenjian

    Gregory Deyermenjian 27th Apr 2018

    Red Maca

    In addition to having an agreeable taste, the Red Maca really does appear to have good effect on the prostate. At 68 years of age, I rely upon regular use of the Maca (Red and “Premium”) for help in staying in shape for yearly expeditions beyond the Andes into the upper Amazon basin of southeastern Peru, in the company of super-fit locals and native peoples.

  • Lisa Leber

    Lisa Leber 27th Apr 2018

    Fantastic Life-Changing Product!!

    This is an exceptional maca powder and the best quality I can find. The Maca Team is supportive, kind and friendly, and I have referred as many people as possible to the site and products.
    Maca gives me abundant energy and has played an enormous role in my recovery from an eating disorder plaguing me most of my life. With a daily regimen of nutrient-dense maca powder, I have been successful in changing my eating behaviors and thoughts surrounding food in general even surpassing intensive "mind" and behavior therapy. I am healthier than ever; It is truly amazing and life-changing!!
    Thank you Maca Team!!!


    CATHERINE 27th Apr 2018

    Whole Food Energy

    Whole Food Energy for my day and helps with hot-flashes. Easy to mix-with water/juice convenient pouch ships perfectly every time.

  • Sylvia

    Sylvia 26th Apr 2018

    This was a true miracle for me!

    I was looking for energy and I got so much more. I am so happy! I've been taking this for three months now and my life has changed. My monthly cycle was out of control, my bathroom looked like a crime scene every month! I was losing so much blood that I was low on iron. I didn't know what to do, all I thought about was to start moving more and maybe that would help. I ordered this hoping for energy and I do have more energy but the bonus is my regular monthly cycle. I'm back to normal now. I had been suffering for two years or more, I can't thank you enough. :)

  • Unknown 16th Apr 2018

    Raw Red Maca

    I'm sleeping better and bowel movement is more regular.

  • Unknown 7th Apr 2018

    Red Maca x 2 review

    I purchased for health & prostate. Although expensive I like the product, it seems to help. The price forced me into buying 2 items to qualify for free ship. Would like to see larger bulk buying options to save even more.

  • Stephanie Town

    Stephanie Town 6th Apr 2018

    Heaven Sent!

    Oh my stars! this stuff is amazing!! Thank the Lord for giving us this natural product to help us in our terrible menopause woes. SO I stumbled upon maca powder while searching for something on the internet to help with my hormone imbalance. Apparently one can develop new or worsening allergies when going through menopause. WELL I developed new allergies to ANYTHING artificial. Yep, no preservatives , chemicals... if it's not real food I can't have it. I was looking for something to regulate my hormones to maybe help with the severity of the reaction i get from eating something with an emulsifier, or "to preserve freshness" Because it's really bad. AND I was literally getting 60 hot flashed a day. I timed it. Pretty ridiculous I bought the red maca powder, and little by little, my hot flashed were less frequent and didn't last as long and weren't as bad. Now they are totally GONE!! I can't believe it! I also sleep way better, which i didn't even realize that I wasn't sleeping good until i WAS sleeping good. And I also didn't realize how um.. dry I became 'down there' until i wasn't! Wow! I have referred so many people to this stuff because of what it does for me. It works for them to, Yay! And it's full of good vitamins and minerals so It's doubly good for you! I'm on my 2nd large bag, and I use the drops as well. I take it 3 times per day. ( usually) Drops in the AM, powder in afternoon, drops in the PM. Love the drops, they are good, pretty sweet, and easy to take. I found that once all my symptoms are gone i can get by with a larger scoop, like a heaping teaspoon in my protein shake once a day, but you gotta start slow and work up to that. It didn't seem to help with the allergy thing i'll have to wait that one out. But who cares, it took my hot flashes away completely, fixed the dryness AND I sleep way better!! Awesome sauce! I am a lifetime user Thank you !!!

  • Lizzie Thomson

    Lizzie Thomson 24th Mar 2018

    Great Price, Absolutely Fantastic Quality!

    I LOVE Maca Team Maca...this was my first purchase with the Maca Team and I have no need to try any other Maca-producer. The Maca tastes fresh and flavorful, the Kilo bag is a great price, and I feel so much more at ease (Maca is such powerful medicine :) )

    Thank you!

  • Unknown 24th Mar 2018

    Excellent quality

    I have tried yellow Maca from the Farmers Market. I'm so glad I bumped into your site. Your red maca is amazing. The quality, taste and results surpasses my expectations. I will be ordering more from the Maca Team. Kudos.

  • Bob Whitaker

    Bob Whitaker 23rd Mar 2018

    Best tasting Maca

    Over the years I often buy Maca from the Maca team. While I have bought both red and Black Maca In gelatinized and raw form the raw red is the tastiest and my fave.It is very tasty...Thanks for a great product...

  • Andrea

    Andrea 23rd Mar 2018

    So happy with my Maca!

    I’m so happy to have a natural product that I can feel good about taking every day and making it a part of my life.
    I can’t wait to get the morning Maca and try to replace my morning java.

  • Jenyl Johnson

    Jenyl Johnson 20th Mar 2018

    Maca changed my life!

    I've order from The Maca Team twice and I absolutely love the maca powder. After researching high and low about maca powder, in which The Maca Team was the most informative, initially my cousin and I order all three powders. Not only did I gain my energy back, my PMS was 100% improved, and I became pregnant, which I thought I couldn't have any more kids. Maca powder has changed my life for the better and I love letting everybody. I refer it to everyone

  • Wayne E

    Wayne E 14th Mar 2018


    Great Addition to your morning smoothie It’s the great energy boost for your workouts

  • Gregory Deyermenjian

    Gregory Deyermenjian 23rd Feb 2018

    Red Maca

    I am especially enamorado with the Red Maca, because of its beneficial effect upon the prostate. It, as well, does have an especially agreeable taste and “feel” to it. And it always arrives in a very well made, attractive, nicely zip-lockable pouch/package, and always in a very timely and professional manner. Such attention, quality, and professionalism in this day and age is especially appreciated.

  • Dee GB

    Dee GB 20th Feb 2018

    Berst Maca Ever

    I have tried several organic brands of maca. The one from The Maca Team is by far the best in every way:
    - best tasting
    - best smelling
    - smoothest
    - easiest to dilute
    - easiest to digest
    - most effective
    - most popular with the rest of the family

    I use Maca powder to raise my morning Qi, diluted in hot water with a branch of fresh mint. I can feel the effect from this red maca straight away. In fact, just its delicate smell is invigorating.

    On top of that, I really appreciate that it's organic and comes from a fair, respectful and sustainable source.

    Well done Maca Team. We will definitely order again!

  • Dee GB

    Dee GB 20th Feb 2018

    Best Maca Ever

    As if it weren’t enough to know that you’e buying from an organic, sustainable and fair source, their produce is also the best tasting you’ll ever get your hands on.
    I’ve tried several brands of organic Maca and the one from The Maca Team is by far the tastiest, smoothest, easiest to dilute (and to digest).
    We will definitely order again!

  • Unknown 17th Feb 2018

    Very pleased!

    Overall very happy with your product, it's alot stronger than the maca from a big brand vitamins company, So no need to take as much, I'm feel more positive, more motivated but I get insomnia if I take too much. I enjoy the taste and I mix it with my morning glass of water. Thank you for the great product and keep up the good work!

  • Diane

    Diane 8th Jan 2018

    Great Product Red Maca Powder

    I have a tooth in the top of my mouth and is hurts went I chew and bite down on hard food.
    The Maca powder has helped with that and my tooth does not hurt now, I cannot be without the Maca powder.

  • Mike

    Mike 5th Jan 2018

    Red Maca works

    I have had a prostate problem for several years. I would buy prostate supplements that cost around 30.00 a month. The supplements had very little if any affects on my prostate. Within 2 weeks, my prostate showed great improvement, I have used it for 1/12 years and will continue to take Red Maca, and highly recommend it.

  • Desiree Dickman

    Desiree Dickman 2nd Jan 2018


    I love what Maca does for me and makes me feel!!!

  • Tory

    Tory 27th Nov 2017

    It really works!

    I’ve had period problems for almost a year now. Spend lots of money for doctors who didn’t know what’s going on. I’ve tried the Maca Powder and my problems just disappeared after one month!
    I really don’t like the taste but it’s alright in smoothies and juices.
    I’m just happy that my cycle went back to normal!

  • Nick

    Nick 24th Nov 2017

    Helping my wife with the lady stuff!

    She been taking it now since we ordered,and I seen great improvement! I will be ordering more...

  • Gabrielle Andrews

    Gabrielle Andrews 18th Nov 2017

    Restored my regular menstrual cycle so far

    My father recommended this product to me because he has had marked improvement in his prostate issues, mental clarity and his overall physical condition. I decided to try the red maca because I have PCOS and issues with fertility and ovulating. I am also overweight and I'm currently on track to reach my weight goals. haven't even finished the first bag and I've had 2 periods one was 30 days apart and the next was 28 days (perfect). This has really seemed to balance my hormones. My moods are more stable. I've been taking it every morning before work and it is way easier for me to get up in the morning as I have to report to work at the crack of dawn. I love the nutty taste, I normally add it to smoothies when I have time on weekends but if I don't, I mix it with water and shake and take it with me on my work commute and it's just fine. I don't see myself giving up this product. I have used products in the past that claim to add maca to their products and have never seen these results. I noticed that I have a breakout on my face and I've heard that is because the product is regulating hormones which can initially cause a breakout. I look forward to improving skin and I have confidence that the product will deliver. I also notice changes in my nails, they are visibly stronger and clearer. Overall I can tell this is one of the life changing products. I think it's well worth the investment in yourself and your health. I also feel that the price is reasonable as I'm not rich and I also don't want to spend tons of money on Dr's visits and medicines so I like superfoods like maca and I look forward to continuing purchasing from this brand. I've also told several people about my results because they ask and are curious about what I'm drinking. When I share it just feels so authentic because I truly enjoy and am benefited by this product.


    JAMES GALVIS 16th Oct 2017


    I initially purchased this for my wife, she has fibromyalgia, and I also used it. It gives me a lot of energy for my workouts and the other benefits are beneficial for me as well. We're hooked and will continue to purchase this great product.

  • Jennfer

    Jennfer 9th Oct 2017

    Thank God I found Maca!

    I just started menopause (at 48!) and had terrible hot flashes and drenching night sweats. After researching natural remedies I came across some info about maca, and decided I had to try it. I ordered Raw Red Maca and started taking it right away. It took a week or two before I realized I was having less hot flashes and fewer nights with night sweats. I continued taking the maca and the hot flashes and night sweats have almost completely subsided, and even then I think it's on days when I forgot to take my maca. In addition, I had stopped having a period, but that has returned with the maca. Thank you so much for making this product - it has saved me! I'm even giving it to my 17 year old daughter for her period cramps and such.

  • Diane R- White

    Diane R- White 10th Sep 2017

    Great Product Red Maca Powder

    It has helped me except for low estrogen.

  • rebecca novak

    rebecca novak 15th Aug 2017

    very pleased

    I am very happy with this product/ I was experiencing severe menopause symptoms and am happy to report that within only a few days of taking the maca my symptoms started to subside with no symptoms after only a week! I also have noticed increased energy levels which is great after having pretty bad fatigue. I feel great! I was also happy with how fast it arrived and I also like how it mixes well ans tastes petty decent in a smoothie, I'm very impressed with it and plan to continue to use it daily! thankyou so much!

  • Unknown 14th Aug 2017

    Excellent product and service!

    The Red Maca is the right choice for me. I mix it with my green drink every day!

  • Sheri Hatch

    Sheri Hatch 11th Aug 2017

    Feel better

    I do feel better. Hopefully after using for awhile it will help my energy level more. It tastes great.

  • Chuck

    Chuck 6th Aug 2017

    Way to go Maca Team!!!

    It's great you care about giving your best to me and all of your customers with quality products, Thank You!!!

  • K Armstrong

    K Armstrong 5th Aug 2017


    This stuff is amazing. I am peri-menopause. I had taken flax seed for the night sweats but it seem to no longer help much. My menstrual cycle was crazy. I did some research on Maca and which one would be best for me. So I ordered the red maca and after 3 weeks WOW. No more night sweats and my menstrual cycle is back to normal, then fewer. I am not having any of the symptoms of menopause. No emotional outburst, no hot flashes and fewer menstrual cycles. The taste isn't great but I just add it to my smoothie every morning and it's drinkable. The benefits are worth it. I highly recommend this product to everyone. It has worked for me.

  • Andrey

    Andrey 5th Aug 2017

    Red Maca

    It's good product, I started using half year ago and now is the second time I've ordered red one. I've just noticed increased energy and waiting for something more. Anyway, the product is great.
    Many thanks to the Maca staff. Five star.

  • Unknown 4th Aug 2017

    Was very effective for combating the sexual side effects of SSRI's

    I bought this for my girlfriend because her sex drive was all but gone since getting on SSRI medication for anxiety. She started taking 9 grams a day and after about 7-10 the results were quite effective! This has helped restore her sexual desire to it's normal level so far and it's been about 2 months that she's been on it. She typically takes the 9 grams of maca along with 25mg of DHEA 5-6 days a week, and then takes a day or two off to insure that the tolerance doesn't because a problem. So far so good. The only thing she doesn't care for is the taste of the powder, I think that is just a personal thing though, because I tried some as well and it tasted quite fine to me as far as supplements go.

  • Eduard

    Eduard 4th Aug 2017

    It does work!

    I'm finishing my second 1Kg bag of the RED. I'm a 67 year old male and purchased based on reviews as my blood pressure was getting uncomfortably high. I can't say it does anything significant about the BP, maybe levelled off a bit. After one full month, I stopped taking it for a break, and that's when I really noticed the negative difference. It's like somebody took the air out of the tires. I had to basically drag my butt around, no energy nor will power.
    The positives are: it helps me sleep better, trips to the bathroom in the night are reduced drastically. Good energy even in those nights with little sleep due to outside factors. After many years I have stopped taking Meta Mucil on a daily basis, a welcome side benefit.
    I also purchase a 1lb. each of Black and of Premium to try out. Tried both for a couple of weeks. As I take these in the morning with just water, I found the Premium way too strong in flavour almost to the point of being gaging. The Black is more pleasant and I'm taking 1 tsp of both the Red and Black daily, I find it to be a nice combo.
    On a side note, I'm Canadian and the first two packages were mailed in an bubble envelope via USPS. No issues with the Canadian post office. The third one recently received (took advantage of the sale) was sent in a box via Post Express and I was charged for GST & Handling. So the savings went to the government. As this is classified as food, I don't believe it's subject to the gov taxes. Perhaps the Maca team can look at international labelling.
    Any way I'm sold, now I just have to convince my wife to take some.

  • Unknown 1st Aug 2017

    good maca

    started using this powder a few years ago in my smoothies. I really like the powder form. It has a mild taste and smell.

  • Unknown 7th Jul 2017

    Works as advertised

    Works well on menopausal symptoms. Didn't take long for my body to get used to it. I would recommend using this product!

  • Mary C Vest

    Mary C Vest 30th Jun 2017

    This product Rocks

    I developed severe menopause symptoms aboutvthree years ago. I tried other products, including more expensive remedies. None of them worked. I read an email about adding NACA to a smoothie for weightloss. I bought red NACA and have been using it since! No morechot flashes, sleeplessness, night sweats, or other troublesome symptoms. I like that it is natural and hormone free. Works wonderfully. Thanks Maca Team!

  • Unknown 27th Jun 2017

    Very Happy

    Took a little while to get used to the taste but now love it in my breakfast smoothie. I take this to balance my hormones during menopause and am happy to say it is working. THANKS for a great product!

  • Gregory Deyermenjian

    Gregory Deyermenjian 15th Jun 2017

    Red Maca

    Although I go to Peru yearly, and always buy maca in bulk in the Central Market in Cusco, I had never before been aware of Red Maca. After I returned from my most recent journey, I realized that the kilo of maca that I had bought in Cusco seemed stale. So, I looked into The Maca Team's products, and ordered their Red Maca. I have found it to indeed be good for the prostate, as well as tasting nice and fresh, the way that maca is supposed to taste. It's packaging is excellent, and it arrived very promptly and carefully.

  • Sue Childress

    Sue Childress 5th Jun 2017

    It's ok but...

    To be honest I think the taste gets me more then anything! It taste like I'm drinking dirt! I can't seem to get it to mix in with my water! I don't know if I've been drinking it long enough to really tell a difference so it's the taste that is reason behind my 3 star rating


    LUANN THATCHER 30th May 2017

    Wonderful product!

    Both my husband and I enjoy the Red Maca daily. We mix it with our smoothies and then enjoy a day of energy. So glad we went ahead and tried this product.

  • JJ

    JJ 22nd May 2017

    Still Waiting for Results

    I've heard positive things about Maca from friends and found The Maca Team. I've been taking the recommended amount (1 teaspoon daily) in hopes of increasing my libido, but am still waiting to notice a change. The site recommends taking it for 6 weeks to clearly see the result; I'm probably at 3 weeks. Fingers crossed.

  • Irene

    Irene 22nd May 2017

    Who needs coffee!

    So I read up on Maca powder and decided to try it. There are many health promotions out there many of which I find do not work but this stuff is amazing period I had to very low energy levels until I started taking a teaspoon of this powder in the morning. Within about an hour I was energized. I noticed that I start talking a lot because I have so much energy. It just kind of funny. I also become more alert and focused. I suspect there are other advantages to this powder like bone strength but I have not been tested . I do work out 3 to 4 times a week. I am 61 years old. My daughter just not conceived easily so I am going to recommend the powder to her. I will let you know what happens.

  • Unknown 14th May 2017


    I've have taken Maca Powder before and wished I never stopped. Thank you Maca Team for doing the research in such a fabulous root. I have noticed the balance of hormones and reduced hot flashes . A sense of harmony.

  • Hadiyah

    Hadiyah 13th May 2017

    My favorite MACA

    I started using Maca a couple years ago and just tried this one (and this brand- the sampler pack) last year. The red maca is my favorite :) I like Maca with Chia and raw organic Cacao and hemp protein powder or sometimes with OJ or even with a little lemon water. The red one seems a little sweeter and I like that too. Overall It just makes me feel good when I have it daily. Great stuff. Great brand. Definitely an effective adaptogen for my mood and energy. Thank you!!!!!

  • Unknown 21st Apr 2017

    Love it!

    Ordered the red maca powder for my daughter and I. The biggest thing we've both noticed is increased energy.

  • Kathy

    Kathy 14th Apr 2017

    red maca

    This is the second time I have ordered red maca. It makes me feel better, and is full of nutrients. I mix it in a little juice, usually apple juice. I will continue to buy it for many years ! Thank you !

  • Unknown 13th Mar 2017

    Love this product!

    I love the energy and overall health benefits I've seen since adding this maca to my diet.

  • Olga

    Olga 19th Feb 2017

    Magic Powder

    I am really happy that I chose the Maca Team, today you can find many distributors selling Maca powder, however quality of the powder is impossible to compare. Moreover, the results after 2 weeks I could feel. Before I was taking maca powder and I did not feel any changes. But since I started taking Maca from Maca Team are incredible. So, I did a test..:) I gave the powder to my partner ... and after 2 weeks he was impressed and told me that he has more energy, feeling happy... Thank you The Maca Team!!!!

  • Jan

    Jan 18th Feb 2017

    Red Maca

    This product has worked well for me and my adult daughter in balancing our hormones. Mine for post menopause symptoms and for her, no more acne breakouts and less menstral cramping since taking Red Maca everyday.

  • Unknown 30th Jan 2017

    Maca Powder for hormone balance

    I've been taking maca powder for a year. I started with the yellow because i had a coupon and have now switched to the red because they say for hormone balance thats the one for women. I haven't noticed a difference between the two but since taking the powder I have noticed an increase in libedo and less mood swings. Will take this stuff for life! Fast shipping and nice tasting.

  • Andrea Tucker

    Andrea Tucker 30th Jan 2017

    LOVE it!

    I began using the Premium Maca Blend about a month or so ago and absolutely love it. When I told my boyfriend all the benefits of Maca, including prostate health, he went and took the little questionnaire to find out which Maca was right for him. It indicated Red Maca, and he has loved it as much as I love mine. It is such a great energy booster too!

    We both eased our way into adding it to our morning smoothies, because of the strong taste - the Premium is much stronger than the Red. And after just a week I was adding 2 tsp to the smoothie and now I am up to 3 teaspoons in my smoothie. It takes getting used to, but it is very much worth it!

  • Unknown 22nd Jan 2017

    Top quality!

    As always the quality of this Maca powder is excellent.

  • Unknown 21st Jan 2017

    Best Maca

    thank you for your Maca. It is the Best

  • Pamela Shears

    Pamela Shears 17th Jan 2017

    Pleased with product

    I have been using the Maca Powder in my morning protein drink for two weeks. While I can't say that I have experienced a revolutionary change in energy, I have noticed more energy and even more substantially, clarity of mind. I am on vitamins for osteoporosis and am hoping the Maca Powder will prove beneficial in that regard.

  • Lauren Sawyer

    Lauren Sawyer 1st Jan 2017

    Best Maca out there!

    The taste is incredible! To me it tastes like earthy, creamy, vanilla-y goodness! I can also already see a difference in my apathetic performance, sex drive and overall mood. I can't say enough good things about this company and the products! I highly recommend this product!

  • Unknown 23rd Dec 2016

    Love it!!!

    Best Maca powder I have ever had! No yucky aftertaste and I feel like the energizer bunny.

  • Glenn

    Glenn 18th Dec 2016

    Great product

    Purchased the red maca in powder form to aid my enlarged prostate and help balance hormones. Along with other supplements my prostate issues are reduced. Feel very confident I am getting the best possible quality product and in my opinion is NOT a waist of money as some lower quality products are, and is very reasonably priced. Will continue to purchase from the Maca Team

  • Alicia Merrell

    Alicia Merrell 13th Dec 2016

    Maca Powder

    I just love this product. I have been using Maca powder for the last 3 years and it does wonders. Would highly recommend this product.

  • Hollister Williams (the person using it)

    Hollister Williams (the person using it) 10th Dec 2016

    New to Maca

    Just started using Red Maca two weeks ago because it came highly recommended to me by a friend. I like the taste. Maybe in another two weeks I would be better able to give a complete review

  • KDH Bearrr

    KDH Bearrr 2nd Dec 2016

    Red Maca In My Routine

    LOVE the energy and vitality benefits. Mixes well with: Dr Schulze SuperFood+, Purple Logic by NuLogic and organic Turmeric for powerful morning juices and smoothies. Previous vendors didn't even distinguish between varieties. This is the highest quality product my searches could find. Sharing with all of my network of friends. Thanks Team!

  • Edna J McGinnis

    Edna J McGinnis 30th Nov 2016

    Some maca a day keeps the doctor away.

    Maca has helped me tremendously with my digestive processes. Thank you Maca team for harnessing such a wonderful, God- created , food/nutrient.

  • Nicole

    Nicole 28th Nov 2016

    There is Life in Maca!

    I love it!!! There will not be a single person that i will come in contact with, without telling them about this product, and this company, i love them, and thank you so much for your quality, in everything! -Nicole

  • Nancy

    Nancy 23rd Sep 2016

    Maca Powder

    I have been using the powder since June and I am still having hot flashed every couple hours. I am using 3 teaspoons a day and taking one day off per week. Should I increase the amount of powder? I am grateful to be off the HRT pills but the hot flashed are getting a bit too much.
    Thanks for any input you have.

  • Jaime Herrera

    Jaime Herrera 9th Sep 2016

    Maca is a great product

    I have truly enjoyed consuming your Raw Red Maca powder, along with other products.

    I believe this product has helped me achieve a better state of health along with a good diet and exercise.

    Jaime Herrera
    El Paso, TX

  • Angie

    Angie 6th Sep 2016

    You got the love the Maca from the Maca Team

    I got introduced to Maca a few years back but a tiny bottle at a local health food store and did like it. Then I found the website from the Maca team and call them great customer service fast service and I felt honesty with what they told me. I started on the red organic raw Maca. Put it in our smoothie that I also gave to my husband.
    I am back working out with weights in the gym early morning (5.30am)
    I was due for a new large back of my Organic Raw Maca and decided to ask regarding the black Maca. I ended up ordering 1 bag of the organic Raw Black Maca and 1 bag organic Raw Red Maca.
    We really like the black Maca along with the red.
    I use one teaspoon of black maca along with my organic wheatgrass powder in Manitou mineral water to work out. Then I have a smoothie after workout with 1 teaspoon of the black Maca and my husband has a smoothie with a black Maca for his breakfast.
    I am a plant food eater and use the red Maca in my bean dips, hummus dips and veggie/ chili dips. It is so so good.
    The black maca I use in my coconut milk frozen desserts my avocado frozen desserts and almond banana soft serve ice cream.
    Actually like the black Maca for that a bit better I must say.
    Hope you get adventurous with the Maca,
    I have not tried the yellow marker yet.

  • Carmen

    Carmen 6th Sep 2016

    Muy buena

    La compro desde España, pues ahora no encuentro maca roja y esta es de la mejor calidad que hay.
    El único problema es que me sale muy caro por los portes. Espero que en un futuro sea más barato

  • Kathy

    Kathy 30th Jul 2016

    maca root for hormone balance

    I went thru menopause and need hormone balance. also I was losing a lot of hair daily. The maca has helped me a lot! It's amazing I'm not losing much hair now! Thank you for a great product!

  • Unknown 18th Jul 2016

    Definitely helps

    After tragedy hit my family, of many things that got shaken up and messed up, one was my hormones. Everything in my life was completely haywire and suddenly also my cycles etc were too. I guess it shouldn't be surprising. I couldn't change or manage so much of what was going on, but after a while I tried to tackle a few of the areas where I might be able to do something. Red maca has helped me tremendously. My hormones have evened out, I have noticed more obvious fertility signs, and my normally somewhat irregular periods that were suddenly aaaaall over the place have become the most regular they have ever been. I even became pregnant with our bonus baby when age wise (42) and stress wise, it seemed that wouldn't and couldn't ever happen again. This baby has brought smiles and lightness back into our family that I didn't imagine I would ever see again. I feel less trepidation moving forward into the years of menopause etc, down the line with red maca on my side. It is filling in some gaps I apparently had. I absolutely dislike the taste. But I mix it with a couple ounces of juice or something and chug it down like a shot. Totally worth it.

  • Jennifer Genat

    Jennifer Genat 12th Jul 2016

    The best Maca I've tried

    My naturopath tested me for this product and said I should take 8 grams, which works out to be two level teaspoons. I mix it with water and add a little hot water to the top of the glass. I stir it well, and though I might need to add a bit of water to the final few grains, I find this is the easiest way to take it. The taste is sweet, and believe me I have tried a few other Maca powders which were far more unpalatable! It tastes like a 'real' and 'pure' product and so I believe I'm getting what I paid for. Since I have it shipped to Australia, the price is not insignificant, with the exchange rate and postage. But I think it is worth it. I take it for my bones and my hormonal profile. I am a 62 year old woman with osteoporosis and Type 2 Diabetes, but despite these two factors, I am fit and well.

  • Unknown 12th Jul 2016


    I have been taking the Maca powder 3t a day for about a month. I have been weaning myself off of the HRT pills I have been taking for about 6 years. I am still having hot flashes so I don't know if I should increase the amount of Maca I am taking or if I should wait a while longer to see if the flashing gets less frequent.

  • Rhonda VandeCorput

    Rhonda VandeCorput 9th Jul 2016

    Gotta Have It!

    Lov your M pwd. I absolutely eat at least 1Tablesp./day, and put several in my raw bar recipes,oatmeal,smoothies,anything I can think of. Its supposed to be good for hormones, &since I have thyroid problems I take daily. The flavor reminds me of graham crackers I used to eat as a kid(I'm 56)&it will forever be a staple in our extremely healthy lifestyle. Thank you for selling in bulk, since no one comes close to your price per oz. It is absolutely delicious,which is what unhealthy eaters don't realize about healthy superfoods!!! As soon as I'm running low, I will be ordering again from your company. Thank you! Sincerely,Rhonda

  • Nancy Dyson

    Nancy Dyson 7th Jun 2016

    Good for what ails you

    I have had a hard time getting into the habit of using the maca powder, as I do not have a blender to mix it up. And the whisk is too big to fit in the glass I use. Therefore, I have to put my juice in a bowl, whisk, then pour it into a glass, a bit of a bother.

    That said, because of my inconsistency, I cannot determine if there are any effects for me. But I will persist.

    In orange juice, the taste is sufficiently masked to be palatable.

  • Lidia Brannon

    Lidia Brannon 15th May 2016

    Too soon to tell.

    I wasn't able to tolerate the taste of maca powder on anything, so I ordered empty gelcaps to fill. I will let you know how that works out!

  • Unknown 14th May 2016

    prostate health

    Bought the red maca for my prostate, waiting for my order to arrive. Will update after I have used it for a month or more.

  • Corinna Lehming

    Corinna Lehming 7th May 2016

    Food of Love

    My daily Maca gives me an inner balance and feeling of being well nourished with more energy and beautifully rooted in the Andes of Peru. Is where anything more powerful than that?
    I appreciate that very much. I am 51 and my libido is stronger than ever and I love to give my contribution to this wonderful family-run company. For me they are sending out to the world products 'of Love'...I am happy that I have found them.

  • Unknown 30th Apr 2016

    Red & Black

    Bought both red and black .Delivery was great received product within three days.
    Have been taking for about three weeks, haven't seen much of a change will keep
    On taking maca powders I'm sure they'll help just taking longer for me

  • Richard in NC

    Richard in NC 19th Apr 2016

    hormone balance and energy boost

    I have been taking the Maca Team maca root for nearly a year noticing increased energy and an overall increase in health. Recently my wife slowly weened herself off of her prescription estradiol counting on maca capsules to regulate her estrogen balance. I have read it increases oxygen uptake at the cellular level and have noticed increased circulatory benefits evidenced in male vigor. I like the taste mixed into coffee and cannot envision not benefitting from this healthy food source.

  • Stacey Williams

    Stacey Williams 13th Apr 2016

    Thank You - Life Back on Track

    I am very pleased with this gelanised red Maca (gelanised as I have a sensitive stomach, as recommended). I bought it after trying almost everything else, as I was suffering with PMDD (extreme PMT), Endometriosis and terrible hormonal problems after 2 miscarriages. I was having daily migraines, my body was aching, I had no energy, l lost my job and I was in dreadful state to be honest. I have been taking this red Maca since August 2015 and take 3gs a day and have Sunday off. I am very sensitive to any medication including natural supplements so I have found this dosage ideal for me. It took about 6-9 weeks to properly take effect but I haven't looked back since. I missed a week over Christmas and suffered on the next menstruation so I will be making sure I stick to it from now on. I would highly recommend this product and have just received my second 1kg pack and still have about a 1/4 left of the other pack, it has lasted me a quite while due to the lower dosage. I would highly recommend this product to anyone suffering with hormonal issues as I have and I am so glad that I found this website. I did find lower price Maca elsewhere before I found this website but when I ordered it it was from Spain and I understand that Maca needs high altitude to thrive and be of high quality like the Maca from Maca team which is Peruvian. I live the UK and I have used both mailing types the fast track and the standard and they have both arrived when I expected. When I have had queries the team have answered promptly and efficiently. - Thank You - Great Product and got my life back on track :)

  • Cindy

    Cindy 8th Apr 2016


    Have been on Red Maca Root powder for about 3 weeks now and have noticed a huge boost in my energy and libido. Overall well being feeling. I put 3 teaspoons in mine and my husband's smoothies every morning. I will definitely continue with this product and recommend it to all my friends and family. Great product.

  • Unknown 1st Apr 2016


    ...despite the good customer service, good packaging and clearly it being a high quality product, I simply couldn't bring myself to swallow the stuff, even when it was mixed into the food. The £12 extra I had to pay for UK customs was probably already a sign...

    I'm sure it's a great product for other people, unfortunately, it wasn't for me, the smell and taste were simply too overwhelming.

  • Lynn

    Lynn 21st Mar 2016

    Hot Flashes & ED improved in 2-3 weeks

    We began w/the raw Red, taking 1/2 tsp, husband 1tsp, day for we doubled it as we had no gastric trouble. At day 8, I went to 1.5 tsp, husband 1 TBL. I went to 2 tsp about day 10. We noticed a Difference. I am not having as many hot flashes or night sweats and the few I have are not as bad. My husband's ED has improved and we are hoping that he have a better report from the doctor on the BPH next month. We have been taking the raw red maca for 1 month now. We decided after 3 weeks too take 1 day a week off. I did notice a bit of bowel trouble the 2 days I was on 2.5 tsp so I cut back to 2 tsp and all is well. Also I weigh 130lbs. My husband weighs 230 lbs and after a month is going to 4 tsp and will stay there for the next month if there is not a problem. We are going to switch 1 tsp of gelatinized for raw just to use it as we bought both. I know that all will not have results in this short of time but we did. Who knows...maybe the hot flashes will totally go away but I am pleased with only having 0-2 a day instead of 6-10. We are both pleased.

  • JoAnn

    JoAnn 14th Mar 2016

    This is the most amazing product

    I started to have some serious post menopause problems. I tried all the home remedies but the itching, burning and pain continued. Vaginal dryness was the problem and nothing was working until I tried the Red Maca. I noticed after two days of taking the Red Maca that the itching and burning was not as bad as before. After approximately a week of use, once per day; all pain burning and itching had stopped. This is an amazing product and it works. I personally would recommend the Red Maca to any women that maybe suffering with vaginal dryness. Thank you Maca Team.

  • Stormi

    Stormi 5th Feb 2016

    Best Maca Ever!!!

    This is my favorite Maca!! I love it and take it every single day. 4 tsps is my dose and I wouldn't be without it!! Thank you for a great product at a great price!!

We are a small family run company with our entire focus on Maca. Our only mission is to provide our customers with fresh, organic, high quality Maca products from Peru at fair prices. Because of our single-minded dedication, we are able to provide the best selection of high quality Maca products anywhere. We also take pride in expert, friendly customer service. When you order with us you can count on fast shipping and full support with any issues or questions. The bottom line is that we use the products we sell and we treat our customers like we want to be treated. If you have any questions or issues, let us know and we'll take care of it straight away. – The Maca Team

Maca is classified as a food and is considered safe. There are no known contraindications to taking Maca, but we recommend that people taking high blood pressure medications check with their health care provider as Maca may help to lower blood pressure. Also, anyone sensitive to Iodine should know that Maca naturally contains Iodine. Any statements regarding potential health benefits from taking Maca that appear on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Maca is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. According to nutritional research published on, Maca contains: • 59% carbohydrates • 10.2% protein • 8.5% fiber • 18 Essential Amino Acids • 20 Free Fatty Acids • Vitamins: B1, B2, C and Niacin • Minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Iodine • 5 Sterols • Glucisonolates • 4 Macamides and Macamenes, polyunsaturated acids unique to Maca

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