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Organic Raw Yellow Maca Powder


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The Maca Team

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Raw Sundried Yellow Maca Powder Certified Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Vegan and Raw

Maca root powder is a beloved part of life in the high Andes.  Yellow Maca is the most common of all colors, making up about 60% of the annual harvest.  Ours is made from roots traditionally grown and harvested on an organic farming co-op in a remote pristine part of the Peruvian Andes. . Yellow Maca has been the most researched of all 3 Maca colors.   To date hundreds of studies, all available publicly in the Pubmed database, have found it to be useful for energy building, fertily, hormone balance, mental focus and more.    Yellow Maca is indeed a nutritional powerhouse, containing nearly all essential amino acids and free fatty acids, significant levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C, minerals iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium, a high concentration of bio-available protein and nutrients unique to Maca called macaenes and macamides. Maca is also an "adaptogen," or rare form of plant that is thought to raise the overall life force energy of those who consume it.


Our Raw Yellow Maca is what we started taking years ago when we found our farming cooperative in Peru.   We’ve always seen it to have a very positive effect on overall hormone health and balance.  This is the very Maca that has been consumed daily for over 2000 years to boost energy, promote, fertility, increase mental focus and more.  Please note that results may vary from person to person.

Compare all of our Maca powders here.

Storage/Shelf Life:

Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)

Suggested Use:

1-3 teaspoons mixed in water, juice or smoothies daily.   (Complete serving guidelines)


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Raw Maca


100% Yellow Maca Roots


8oz (227g) = 25 servings at 9g daily

1lb (454g) = 50 servings at 9g daily

2.2lb (1kg) = 111 servings at 9g daily


Certified Organic, Fair Trade, Non-GMO, Raw and Vegan

Country of Origin


Container and Storage

Foil Lined, Double Sealed, 100% Opaque Resealable Bag. 24 month shelf life when kept out of direct light and in a sealed container.


Traditionally grown in the high Peruvian Andes. Sundried after harvest and packaged on demand.

Suggested Use

3-9 g daily, mixed in water, smoothies or other recipes

56 Reviews
  • Roberta Vance

    Roberta Vance 1st Aug 2019

    Organic Yellow Maca Root Powder-Raw

    Love this item. Never have hot flashes if I use this everyday!

  • Trent

    Trent 10th Dec 2018


    I am absolutely in love with MACA. The MACA team provides phenomenal products and I can taste and FEEL the purity. I recommend maca to anyone for any reason whatsoever. It's just the best!

  • Unknown 7th Oct 2018

    Yellow Maca

    I have been buying this for quite a while, and it has always been first quality.

  • Manzell Spencer

    Manzell Spencer 23rd Jul 2018


    After doing research on benefits of Macca with fertility and decided 2 try it out. So far so good. Looking forward to good news

  • Unknown 29th Jun 2018

    Sleeping like a baby

    Heard that Maca helps to improve sleep. Bought the Yellow Maca and gave it a try. Has been sleeping like a baby ever since the first day I took it. No more vivid dreams and tiredness when I wake up. In fact, I think the sleep quality has improved so much that I came to wake up around 6am naturally bright and clear, where as I used to wake up at 7:30am still feeling sleepy. The taste of Maca is not bad at all. For me, I prefer to take it in the morning with some chicken/beef broth. I think the taste goes better with savory food, rather than the usual sweet recommendations like smoothie or coffee. Bought the 1 kg packet, and I only take 1 teaspoon per day as per my weight recommendations on the label, which will last me for 6 months. Very good deal. Will definitely buy again.

  • Unknown 18th Jun 2018

    Nice product

    I find the yellow to be less bitter than the red

  • Marcus

    Marcus 28th May 2018

    Interesting food

    Love the flavor is adds to my smoothies. Too early to tell about all the positive effects but undeniably feel more energy after my smoothies - not like caffeine - more like lots of motivation.

  • Unknown 22nd Mar 2018

    Naturally powerful!

    IÕve purchased Maca Numerous times from the Maca Team, and I have to say I am very satisfied with the results I get. My only mistake is buying the 8oz in both Yellow Maca and Black Maca. I love the benefits I get from it. A+

    I will be putting another order very soon! Thank you!
    -Stanley G.

  • Adenike kasali.

    Adenike kasali. 8th Feb 2018


    My customers keep coming back for more of it.

  • Adenike kasali

    Adenike kasali 27th Dec 2017


    All your products are good and works very well.i hope you keep up the good work.

  • Lori Matlak

    Lori Matlak 15th Dec 2017

    Excellent Maca powder!

    Loving the raw Yellow Maca powder from the Maca Team! Mixes well, no aftertaste, excellent results. Best price and quality anywhere! I’ll be a constant customer!

  • Jill

    Jill 10th Nov 2017

    More energy!!

    I have a lot more energy and more balanced moods when I am taking my maca. I mix a table spoon of maca with a table spoon of bakers cocoa in about two cups of milk, shake it in my shaker...yummy!
    I had to go without for a couple months due to a mistake in my address change while moving and noticed how much better I make it through the day without getting sleepy in the afternoon after I started back on it.
    I have also noticed that I don't get as cranky with my kids and enjoy being qaround them more.

  • Keila

    Keila 22nd Oct 2017

    Yellow maca

    I have to say that initially I bought the yellow maca for it's price (tight budget, I usually get the red one) but I got to tell you it's super good. I get tons of energy my hormone are still very stabilize. I only been having it for 2 weeks, so when I finish it I'll come back and give you my full observations.

  • Tom McGovern

    Tom McGovern 3rd Oct 2017

    Not as strong as viagra...

    ...but all the side effects are good ones. It works! I plan to eat maca the rest of my life, and you should too.

  • Terri Tyson

    Terri Tyson 25th Aug 2017

    Not sure?

    I just happened to come across Maca and out of curiosity I got excited about what I read and ordered from this company. I really don't mind the taste and have stayed consistent in drinking mine with iced tea and just cold water and even juice. I guess my expecections where too high? I wanted to feel energised and to notice a difference in the way I normally feel!
    Like a tired fatiqued old old lady! I was so thrilled to read about the black Maca and for men's prostrate health I ordered that and the yellow for my father and had it shipped for his B-day gift. He said he has to wait before he can try it . I have half a bag more to enjoy. I am going to try the red next even though not sure about this yellow Maca.

  • Yolanda

    Yolanda 22nd Aug 2017

    Love this Maca Powder...

    I was looking for a quality and trusted maker of Maca powder and came across an online user of maca powder and suggested The Maca Team. So without hesitation I ordered this powder and have not regretted my purchase. My order came about a week after ordering and was very impressed with the amount of time it took to be delivered. Energy level is great and will be a customer for a long time to come. It's great to have such a great team to work with should there be any concerns or questions I may have and that for me was the determining factor in becoming a customer. Thank you Maca Team I appreciate all you do to bring a quality Maca Powder to all of us customers much success to all of you.

  • Theresa

    Theresa 13th Aug 2017

    Absolutely Amazing!

    A few years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I started my journey with maca. Maca's amazing ability to assist the thyroid (among other things) is the reason I chose it. I needed it to be the best Maca that I could find and The Maca Team has the best. The taste isn't overpowering and I can easily mix it in my smoothies. Also, I love that it ships fast and I don't have to wait! Love love love it!

  • Kathy

    Kathy 1st Jul 2017

    Love my Maca!

    Thank You, The Maca Team for consistently providing top quality Maca. We use this everyday and love it. We also use it in our Lifeforce Tonics and knowing the consumers are also benefiting from your great product. Thank you so much

  • Jill Garner

    Jill Garner 30th Jun 2017

    Love it

    Been adding maca to my daily smoothy, I totally notice a drop in energy when I forget it. Great for balancing moodiness on my off days also, I double up on those days.

  • Christine Lawson

    Christine Lawson 11th Jun 2017

    Must have product

    I use the yellow Maca & love how I feel. My recall memory is much sharper, my energy level is outstanding & my mood is much more even on a daily basis. I am 66 years old and honestly won't go without this awesome product.

  • Guillermo Rivera-Chavez

    Guillermo Rivera-Chavez 10th Jun 2017


    In truth, I am very delighted at how everything has turned out with all my orders, specially the last one a few days ago. My deepest appreciation is for Cyndi who with selflessness and exemplary efforts made my purchase a success. I recommend The Maca Team as being the very best to order organic Maca Root.

    From the beginning of my business relationship as a consumer with The Maca Team one year ago, I have admired their hard work and learned to trust them because their character represents a marvelous new breed of entrepreneurs and professionals who are not limited by the rather very difficult and risky working environment in Peru and the world to keep their commitment to advance sustainability and good causes of people and the planet.

    I pray de grace of God over their lives and their business.

    Below, I highlight a remarkable article by Seth Godin that mirrors the outstanding legacy The Maca Team is building to last for generations.

    Guillermo Rivera-Chavez
    San Antonio, Texas
    Off the hook with Milton Friedman

    Nearly fifty years ago, Milton Friedman published a polemic, an article that altered the way many people think about corporations and their role in society. Countless writers have explained why it's poorly reasoned, dangerous and wrong. (Including business school deans, Harvard Business Review and Fortune).

    The simple message of the simple article was: “there is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits..."

    Friedman does add a parenthetical, "so long as it stays within the rules of the game, which is to say, engages in open and free competition without deception or fraud,” but it's clear that his emphasis is on the first part.

    Businesses, he argues, should show no corporate responsibility, do nothing to further the goals of an ethical society, do nothing to improve the lives of customers, employees or bystanders—unless these actions coincidentally maximize profits.

    An interesting question that most people haven't focused on: why did this dangerous idea catch on and stick around so long?

    Here it is 2017, and the Chairman of one of the largest pharma companies in the country is gleefully telling patients and the FDA to live with the costs of his profit seeking, at the same time he pays his CEO more than $95 million a year. Because he can, and, like many who lucked into top jobs at big companies, because his excuse is simple: He's just doing his job.

    If the idea is so wrong, if it leads to an erosion of the social contract and the deaths of innocent kids, why are we still discussing it?

    Because it's simple, because it diminishes responsibility, and because it comes with prizes and warm chocolate cookies for those in charge.

    The simplicity of the argument matches up with its mendacity. There's no need to worry about nuance, no need to lose sleep over choices, no endless laundry list of social ills to worry about. Just make more profit.

    Do this, get that.

    A simple compass, a north star, a direction to go that absolves the employee/boss of responsibility for anything complicated or nuanced.

    People love mechanical simplicity, especially when it benefits them.

    The official rules of baseball are more than 250 pages long. Why? Because working the system, cutting corners and winning at all costs long ago replaced playing by the spirit of the game. Since the league can't count on people to act like people acting on behalf of the community, they have to create ever more rules to keep the system in check.

    The problem is far worse in a supposed free market. When humans stop acting like humans and instead indicate that they have no choice but to seek every short-term benefit and cut every possible corner, we can no longer trust each other to act responsibly.

    Off the hook feels like a simple way out. "I'm just doing my job, and not thinking hard about the side effects (or to be more accurate, the effects) of my actions. Not only that, but one of the things that's part of my job is lobbying to have fewer rules. Because working the refs is good business. And because everyone is doing it, I have no choice but to do it too."

    Of course, it's difficult for us to solely blame poor Milton. Lots of us have bad ideas, I've certainly had plenty. No, we need to blame ourselves for letting selfish corporate officers get away with this reasoning. When we go to work, or partner with, or buy stock in a company that signs up for Milton reasoning, we're rewarding people who have long ago stopped acting like people.

    Profits are fine, they enable the investment we need to produce value. But almost nothing benefits from being the only thing we seek, and the pursuit of profit at the expense of our humanity is too high a price to pay.

    Here's a different version: A business is a construct, an association of human beings combining capital and labor to make something. That business has precisely the same social responsibilities as the people that it consists of. The responsibility to play fairly, to see the long-term impacts of its actions and to create value for all those it engages with.

  • Joan Yvonne Howard

    Joan Yvonne Howard 27th May 2017

    Can't stand the taste

    It ruins my food which I hate dumping down the sink (waste of money on a small budget).
    And it leaves an after taste in my mouth despite brushing my teeth & tongue!

  • Unknown 15th Apr 2017

    Great product

    I found this wonderful product after my last child was born. My hormones were all over the place with night sweats, hot flashes and low libido. I had read about the effects of maca and the stabilizing affect it can have on hormones. This product, along with some dietary changes, has allowed me to reacha status closer to normalcy than I thought was possible.

  • Unknown 15th Apr 2017

    Great product

    I found this wonderful product after my last child was born. My hormones were all over the place with night sweats, hot flashes and low libido. I had read about the effects of maca and the stabilizing affect it can have on hormones. This product, along with some dietary changes, has allowed me to reacha status closer to normalcy than I thought was possible.

  • Christopher B.

    Christopher B. 17th Mar 2017

    Probably the freshest maca available to the USA

    I really like this company, I can get pure black , yellow, and red maca. The quality is extremely fresh, and I really like the taste. I have bought maca from many companies over the past six years and I think the product from here is the best you can get. One recipe I plan on making soon is maca almond buttercups!

  • Unknown 5th Mar 2017

    Must Have

    We wouldn't be with out Maca as part of our daily diet. It goes in our fruit breakfast every morning and we also purchase Maca to go in our 'Lifeforce Tonics' we create for optimum health. Maca was a must have for our tonics, as part of the ingredient selection for feeding the body and our consumers.

    Thank you

  • Unknown 21st Jan 2017

    I like the gelatinized version better.

    I purchased this and didn't even think to make sure it was the gelatinized version, which I like better. Don't get me wrong, this isn't bad, it's just a bit stronger tasting than I was expecting. I will use it up and buy the gelantized version from now on.

  • James Prellwitz

    James Prellwitz 16th Jan 2017

    Yellow maca

    I just love how easy it mixes with hot water, to have a nice hot tea in the morning.

  • Irina

    Irina 22nd Dec 2016

    Yellow Maca Powder

    I bought a maca powder and tastes really bad. I couldn't force myself to have that anymore. I mixed it in my drink and it was disgusting. I should have bought in capsules.

  • Sharon

    Sharon 20th Dec 2016

    Fresh aroma

    I am most impressed with the incredibly fresh smell of this product. I add it to my morning smoothie. I won't be purchasing maca from anywhere else!

  • Unknown 22nd Aug 2016


    Love this product! we use it for our raw, organic tonics we create 'Granite'.

    We also use if daily for our own vitality, pre and post workouts combined with hemp powder.

    Thank you

  • Unknown 24th Jul 2016

    Quality - Results

    I've worked in the "health" food industry for a while and have been exposed to fads and miracles. I rate maca as a miracle.

    After having my last child in my late 30's I experienced a period of hormonal fluctuations and their side effects including, but not limited to, night sweats, restless nights and low libido. This product has provided me with a solution for these symptoms. I am so thankful that the MacaTeam provides such a high quality product so that I may find some normalcy to this wonderfully crazy life.

  • California customer

    California customer 10th Jul 2016

    Excellent quality for a fair price

    delicious Maca powder, consistently good. Maca gives me increased energy and a feeling of well-being. works for female issues too. But I eat it now for the great taste. Grateful for Maca team, who sources from Peru and not China.

  • Unknown 9th Jul 2016

    I don't remember why I bought this...

    It tastes good, but when I think that I am eating ground up dry potato I can't remember why I bought this stuff. Granted, I have hypothyroid so energy is an issue.

  • patty

    patty 10th Apr 2016

    Works for Hot Flashes

    I went thru menopause at 53. Now I am 68 and am having hot flashes like I never had before. I wake up drenched in the middle of the night. And usually have a couple lesser hot flashes in the early evening. I bought your Maca because it's from Peru, besides being organic, and it promised to even out hormones, which my doctor tried to do with birth control pills.
    I bought the yellow maca because it was most affordable for me. It WORKS! After about three days, the hot flashes were stopping. I still got the evening ones, but not the body drenching night ones. Right away I bought two more bags. This is wonderful stuff. Thank you for making such a fine product. Now the evening ones have practically stopped as well. They have become hardly noticeable. I put it in a smoothie with frozen organic fruit and a bit of Almond Milk, and ice. Tasty.

  • RUSS663

    RUSS663 27th Mar 2016

    Start off low dose with food

    I foolishly started with 2 tsp. on empty stomach. Terrible craps, diarrhea lasting 2 hours.
    After that foolish start, I dropped down to 1 tsp, with food. NO MORE PROBLEMS. So please start low. So far I haven't felt much of a difference but it has not been that long. A friend of mine swears by it. So in closing: Start low work up in dose. Eat first.
    As for shipping: WOW was super fast.

  • Unknown 26th Mar 2016

    Awesome product!

    I purchased the raw yellow maca powder several weeks ago. I've been taking it every day in my morning kefir and I can really tell a difference in my energy levels. I was having horrendous issues with brain fog and feeling like I needed 3 cups coffee every morning and afternoon. But ever since I exchanged the coffee for the kefir and macaroni, I've had tons more energy, without the crash. I'll definitely be a repeat customer! Thanks Maca Team!

  • michelle Tan

    michelle Tan 13th Jan 2016

    Potent but I dont like the taste

    this stuff is very potent. I have tried RAw Red and Cooked yellow Maca. this is the first time I'm using Raw yellow Maca and it has a really strong taste. I used to put this in my oatmeal and cereal drinks but I cant with this one because it doesnt taste good. I might go back to Raw Red Maca

  • David

    David 18th Dec 2015

    Very Potent/ Very cheap

    I am a yogi who finds yellow Maca provides amazing sustained energy, Endocrine adaptogenic qualities, decreased recovery time from physical exersion and a libido enhanser for certain.
    I ferment the powder in home brewed kombucha for 1 week before consuming to increase bioavailability, (& I like the flavor) also, I take Maca for 3-5 days consecuively then 2-3 days without maca to maximize its effectiveness.
    *Other competitor's Maca has exibited a fraction of the potency.
    *shipping has always been prompt with themacateam.
    Thank you.

  • James Ziegler

    James Ziegler 9th Nov 2015

    Great quality at comparable price

    This is a far superior maca to the maca I've previously purchased at my local health food store. The flavor is smoother and it dissolves easily and quickly in water without lumping.

  • katie

    katie 25th Oct 2015

    feel amazing

    I use a blend of red and yellow that is so stinking good. I put it in smoothies of course but also put out directly on salads! Love the flavor. Have so much happy energy now.

  • Wanda

    Wanda 5th Oct 2015

    I am happy

    both my husband and I have more energy..that is a good thing:) And my hormones are staying balanced so I am happy:)

  • Unknown 15th Sep 2015

    Excellent Quality

    Fresh taste and color says this product was grown,processed and packaged correctly.

  • Dharma

    Dharma 30th Aug 2015

    Very happy with this product

    I am very perceptive of my bodie's response to things around me and specially those I consume. I have had maca before, and I was obviously happy with its effect in my body. But trying this brand on a recommendation was a great experience. The best way I can describe it, is my body sings when I take it.

    It's like every molecule just does a little happy dance. I do love the energy boost it imparts, but for me the most important effects is the adrenal support it provides.

    My hormonal balance is restoring and maca is an important ingredient of the protocol I'm using to rebalance my endocrine system. I highly recommend it

  • Dharma

    Dharma 30th Aug 2015

    Very happy with this product

    I am very perceptive of my bodie's response to things around me and specially those I consume. I have had maca before, and I was obviously happy with its effect in my body. But trying this brand on a recommendation was a great experience. The best way I can describe it, is my body sings when I take it.

    It's like every molecule just does a little happy dance. I do love the energy boost it imparts, but for me the most important effects is the adrenal support it provides.

    My hormonal balance is restoring and maca is an important ingredient of the protocol I'm using to rebalance my endocrine system. I highly recommend it

  • Lea

    Lea 21st Aug 2015

    Good Stuff!

    I love the Maca powder. It has helped me regulate hormones and normalize my monthly cycles that were all over the place after getting the Depo shot for birth control. What a nightmare! Your maca was the only thing that worked to get my cycles back to normal again. Thank you!

  • Kathy

    Kathy 9th Feb 2015

    Maca Review

    Love your Maca! Great service to New Zealand! Easy website to navigate around and very informative. Thank you the Maca Team!

  • Unknown 31st Jan 2015

    Macca yes

    The best macca out there it's fresh it taste good and does maricles for the body, strength stamina (yes men that kind of stamina) and and around mental health I belive. You can't go wrong with this thanks Macca Team

  • SE

    SE 28th Dec 2014

    Adult acne cure!

    I had been struggling with adult acne my entire life! I no longer wanted to rely on oral and topical medications. I gave maca a chance and in 3 months I am 99% acne free for the first time in my life!!!! I am amazed!

  • Tracy

    Tracy 21st Aug 2014

    Maca Powder

    I am very pleased with the maca powder. I mix it with my protein shake and it's awesome.

  • Diane Marra

    Diane Marra 13th Dec 2013

    Energy creating Macca

    Exellent customer service, good product and like supporting small companies. Thanks!

  • Amy Green

    Amy Green 16th Nov 2013

    Excellent product and customer service

    Thank you for the high quality product for our juice bar. We feel confident serving your products to our customers, as quality and integrity are of the highest importance to our company. We appreciate the prompt shipping, fair prices and great customer support. Thank you for the detailed information on your products, as well. Highly recommended to our customers and community.

  • suneel

    suneel 25th Jun 2012



  • Peg from Oakland

    Peg from Oakland 6th Mar 2012


    I am a middle age perimenopausal woman. The Maca has made a new woman of me. Honestly I could do a commercial for Maca. Its sad Doctors are shoving hormones down woman’s face when Maca is such a safe and wonderful alternative. I even have my young 21 yr old daughter on it for PMS symptoms. Her personality changes are so pronounced I can tell when she skips a week without asking. I have taken supplements for years and the Maca has blown me away.

  • Josh, Thailand

    Josh, Thailand 6th Mar 2012

    Best Maca I Have Tried

    Ok I usually do not write testimonials but I just GOT TO this time. You can give my email address to anyone who contacts you to check if I am a real person who is writing this. Your MACA is THE BEST I have ever tried. Got more strength and stamina than ever. My body loves this stuff. I sold this to about 10 people and they all say the same. BEST EVER. And some of these people have been taking MACA since it came out there years ago.

  • Lori Matlak

    Lori Matlak 16th Jan 2000

    Best maca powder IÕve used!

    IÕve been using this maca powder for several months now. IÕve used other brands of maca, but find this brand to be the most effective for balancing my hormones in menopause and relieving my symptoms of hot flashes, acne, sleeplessness, etc. This brand also mixes better than the others into fluids for a more pleasant experience. IÕll be with this brand forever!

We are a small family run company with our entire focus on Maca. Our only mission is to provide our customers with fresh, organic, high quality Maca products from Peru at fair prices. Because of our single-minded dedication, we are able to provide the best selection of high quality Maca products anywhere. We also take pride in expert, friendly customer service. When you order with us you can count on fast shipping and full support with any issues or questions. The bottom line is that we use the products we sell and we treat our customers like we want to be treated. If you have any questions or issues, let us know and we'll take care of it straight away. – The Maca Team

Maca is classified as a food and is considered safe. There are no known contraindications to taking Maca, but we recommend that people taking high blood pressure medications check with their health care provider as Maca may help to lower blood pressure. Also, anyone sensitive to Iodine should know that Maca naturally contains Iodine. Any statements regarding potential health benefits from taking Maca that appear on this website have not been evaluated by the FDA.

Maca is rich in amino acids, phytonutrients, fatty acids, vitamin and minerals. According to nutritional research published on, Maca contains: • 59% carbohydrates • 10.2% protein • 8.5% fiber • 18 Essential Amino Acids • 20 Free Fatty Acids • Vitamins: B1, B2, C and Niacin • Minerals: Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Potassium, Iron and Iodine • 5 Sterols • Glucisonolates • 4 Macamides and Macamenes, polyunsaturated acids unique to Maca

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