How Do I Take Maca?

How Do I Take Maca?

Posted by The Maca Team on 17th Feb 2023

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You’ve made the decision to add maca to your diet. Congratulations! The question you may be asking yourself now is “Where do I start?” At, we offer a variety of maca products delivered in a variety of formulations. One thing they have in common: they’re all made from our high-quality, Peruvian grown, organic, fair-trade maca roots. How you choose to incorporate maca into your health regimen is going to depend on a number of factors, ranging from your size to your taste buds.

Choosing Your Maca

One way to hit the ground running is to spend some time browsing our website for convenient tips and recipes. Our Maca Shop gives you a convenient breakdown on the different types of maca root products we offer, and what the purported benefits of each color maca are. Maybe you’re looking to improve your libido, or to reduce stress. We want you to be able to make an informed decision before purchasing your maca. We believe whatever formulation you choose, supplementing your diet with maca will be the right choice.

Raw and Premium Powdered Maca

You can purchase our standard sundried black, red, yellow, or tricolor maca as raw powder or as a premium powder. The best ways to consume this maca are as an addition to your morning smoothie or coffee. We have a selection of great recipes if you’re looking for a little inspiration, including this delicious vegan mini chocolate maca cake.

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Our premium maca is prepared a little differently. While it’s still 100% maca powder, it’s dried in low-temperature dehydrators immediately after harvest, resulting in more glucosinolates. Something to keep in mind is that premium maca can be a little more spicy than our standard raw maca, so if you dislike the taste of maca powder you might want to avoid this particular preparation.

So what are the cons to taking maca powder? Some users have reported experiencing brief, mild stomach upset after consuming raw maca products. We’ve outlined some advice on how to avoid this. We also provide some helpful information on how to figure out what serving size of maca powder is best for you. We want you to love our maca as much as we do.

Maca Capsules

You also have the option of purchasing our maca powder in capsules, which include our raw, premium, and gelatinized maca roots. It’s still the same unadulterated maca content in a convenient vegan capsule. Your serving size can be anywhere between 2 and 12 capsules a day, with our amber plastic jars containing 200 capsules containing 750mg of maca powder each.

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Maca Root Liquid Extract

Our maca liquid extract is another convenient way to consume your maca. It provides you with the same nutrients as our raw powdered maca in a GMO-free glycerin liquid base that makes it easier for your body to absorb, which is definitely a bonus if you’ve had difficulty with powdered maca in the past. Consider checking out our Liquid Maca Sampler if you’re still deciding what maca is right for you.

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Gelatinized Maca

Our gelatinized whole maca root chips make for a great addition to your breakfast oatmeal. This maca has been pre-cooked, which reduces the starch content and makes it easier on the stomach. If preparing the maca chips seems a little tedious or time-consuming, we also offer gelatinized maca in capsule form, which is a great way to keep up with your maca routine if you’re on the go.

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Maca Coffee

A lot of people might balk at the idea of reducing their caffeine intake despite the fact that too much coffee throughout the day can leave you feeling jittery, and result in an energy crash. Our Morning Motivator Blend is rich in energizing vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants. It’s great if you’re looking for a substitute to coffee. You can even add it to your coffee, if you’re not ready to let go just yet.

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With all these options, we’re confident that we’ve got the best maca for you available at It’s always the right time to add maca to your life.

Enjoy the day!

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