Is Maca Better Than Coffee?

Is Maca Better Than Coffee?

Posted by The Maca Team on 9th Mar 2023

Night owls and early birds have one thing in common: they can all use a little boost to get them up and going in the mornings. It’s estimated that about three quarters of Americans drink at least one cup of coffee a day, and the National Coffee Association (yes, there IS a National Coffee Association) believes that those numbers are on the rise.

Reasons To Drink Less Coffee

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You’ve likely heard of some of the negative impacts of caffeine consumption. The National Institute of Health delineates some of the drawbacks of relying on coffee or other caffeinated beverages to get you through the day, which include but are not limited to insomnia, headaches, dizziness, and jitteriness. There’s also the inevitable crash that inevitably follows running off of a caffeinated drink, which contributes towards developing a dependency on it. We’ve all heard someone joke about being “addicted to caffeine,” but the truth is that it’s not a joke - you can, in fact, become addicted to coffee, and attempts to drink less of it can result in mild to moderate symptoms of withdrawal.

If you’re considering dropping your coffee habit in order to improve your health, you’re probably on the lookout for a safer alternative. But look no more - our Morning Motivator Blend has exactly what you need to get you up and running without the negative impact associated with a traditional coffee or energy drink.

Making the Switch to Maca Coffee

Morning Motivator Blend maca coffee - shop

Though we call it “maca coffee,” the truth is that our Morning Motivator Blend contains only tiny amounts of caffeine (from cacao). It’s rich in energizing vitamins and amino acids instead, using only a handful of simple organic ingredients to deliver the kick you need to get you out of bed in the morning. The best part is that there’s no jittery caffeine buzz, and no crash later in the day.

What are some of the perks to making the switch? Consider the benefits associated with all of our 100% organic maca products: an energy boost without the anxiety, enhanced memory and concentration, and increasing strength and endurance, just to name a few. Consider this testimonial from our buyer Linda:

I gave up coffee about a year ago because it started giving me palpitations and a jittery feeling, and ever since I have been on the hunt to find a hot morning beverage that I can wake up in the morning and actually look forward to drinking. I've tried all the chicory root and dandelion blends out there without really liking any of them, and tea just didn't give me the feeling I was looking for. I was about to give up when I saw this email from the Maca Team about the morning motivator and all I can say is YAY! This is quite good! I find I add a bit more than the 1 tbsp. serving suggestion to get the punch of flavor I am looking for, but the drink is thick and creamy and I top it off with a few pinches of cayenne pepper for an extra kick. I feel good, none of those jittery caffeine feelings that coffee gives me, yet I still get the cozy feeling I need with a morning hot drink ritual.

What Does Our Maca Coffee Contain?

What makes this maca root coffee substitute so special? The key ingredient is, of course, our fair-trade non-GMO pure maca root powder. Our standard Morning Motivator Blend contains only five certified organic ingredients: our heritage harvest tricolor gelatinized maca powder, raw cacao, raw coconut sugar, raw mesquite, and raw lucuma. You can also find an unsweetened version of this blend, which omits the coconut sugar and lucuma for a simpler, spicier beverage.

There’s no right or wrong way to consume our maca coffee. You can mix it with water or milk like you would your regular morning dose of caffeine, or if you’re not ready to give up traditional coffee altogether, just add about three teaspoons of Morning Motivator into your beverage after it’s been freshly brewed. It’s simple, flavorful, and good for you - so why not give it a try?

Enjoy the Day!

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