Staying Focused with Maca

Staying Focused with Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 13th Jun 2023

It can be hard to stay on track in a world full of targeted ads, pop-ups, and notifications. There are sources of distraction everywhere you look, making it more difficult than ever to stay on task no matter how urgent the work might be. Whether you’re out with friends or trying to get that budget proposal in your manager’s inbox on time, living in the moment has its challenges. But did you know that adding maca to your diet might be able to help you keep on track?

Maca for Brain Function

Historically maca root has been most commonly associated with benefits like improved energy and sexual performance, but it’s been reported to help with cognitive functions as well. A research study performed in 2016 found that subjects consistently served this Peruvian superfood showed signs of improved mental acuity in addition to motor coordination and endurance capacity. Its findings suggest that regular consumption of maca can effectively slow down age-related cognitive decline.

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If you’ve done research into the mental benefits of maca, you’ve no doubt come across all kinds of buzzwords and terms that don’t necessarily mean anything to you. For example, some scientists have come to consider maca a “functional food,” a term which refers to foods that are not only highly nutritious but associated with a number of significant health benefits. On the more technical end, a 2010 study identified maca as a potential “neuroprotectant.” The NIH defines neuroprotection as mechanisms and strategies used by the brain to defend the central nervous system from injury resulting from trauma as well as chronic neurodegenerative disorders, and has determined that herbal medicines and “nutraceuticals” (food sources with health benefits) like maca can play a role in supporting these processes.

We’ve said before that maca isn’t a magic fix. But even if we don’t know all the answers yet, the research speaks for itself - scientists have found that taking maca consistently can prevent or mitigate the effects of circumstances ranging from age to injury on brain function.

Maca for Your Peace of Mind

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There are lots of factors that can negatively impact your ability to focus and remain present. For this, we can look at the other benefits from taking maca that we’ve highlighted previously. Maca as an energy booster comes to mind. It’s more difficult to concentrate and complete a task satisfactorily if you’re tired all the time, a common complaint when “hustle culture” is very much a problem today. A 2016 study determined that subjects consistently served red and black maca demonstrated improvements in mood and energy. There are some theories as to how this works - a 2023 report identified maca as a “nootropic” (yep, another buzzword!) or cognitive-enhancing substance that can improve the brain’s oxygen supply. What does all this mean? In short - maca can make you feel better, and when you feel better, you work better.

While homeopathic treatments shouldn’t be prioritized over pharmaceuticals without input from a licensed medical professional, there’s no denying that maca’s enhancement of physical stamina and mood can have a positive effect on the consumer’s ability to stay focused on anything from work meetings to arthouse flicks.

Our Maca

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Ready to try maca for yourself? Check out our Maca Finder tool to get an idea of which maca product best suits your desired outcomes. Our organic maca is always GMO-free and Fair Trade. Still have questions? We’d like to hear them! Don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616.

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