What is Maca Extract?

What is Maca Extract?

Posted by The Maca Team on 28th Mar 2024

If you’ve been shopping for maca products for a while, you’re probably used to browsing maca powders and maca capsules. Liquid maca extracts are less common on the market, and you may be wondering what makes The Maca Team’s maca extracts so special. When should you consider buying liquid maca extract? Let’s look at some reasons why maca extract might be the right choice for you.

What is Maca Extract?


Maca extract is a liquid maca solution containing the same nutrients and compounds as traditional powdered maca preserved in liquid form, making it much easier for the body to absorb. Our liquid maca extracts contain only two ingredients: our high-quality, organic Peruvian-grown maca root and vegetable glycerin. That means this maca extract is vegan, just like our maca powder products. It contains the same Fair Trade, sustainably-harvested maca root, so you can be sure you’re getting a product that’s beneficial not just for the consumer but for the Peruvian community doing the work of growing it. 

When is Maca Extract Right for You?


You might be familiar with some of the concerns a rare few buyers have when consuming maca root. The flavor is something of an acquired taste, and the starch content is an occasional source of stomach upset for those with sensitive digestive systems. Liquid maca extract, however, has a much milder flavor in comparison to maca powder - in fact, most people seem to really enjoy the taste! Because it’s in liquid form, it’s fast-acting and absorbs more quickly into the bloodstream than maca powder would.

How Does Liquid Maca Work?


Our liquid maca extracts start with 100% high-grade whole maca root chips. They then go through a 4-step process that isolates maca’s nutritional content in vegetable glycerine, producing a sweet-tasting liquid extract that anyone, including children and diabetics, can use and benefit from.

Maca root’s active nutrients become more bioavailable after they’ve been extracted, and with the removal of starch content, they’re much easier to digest. The best way to take our extract is to hold about a dropperful under your tongue for roughly thirty seconds three times a day, or as directed by a licensed medical professional. Of course, you can also just add it to a glass of water or your morning coffee. Another part of the appeal of liquid maca extract is its convenience and portability.

About The Maca Team

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Did you know that The Maca Team is the first company to offer a complete selection of maca extracts in liquid form? We offer red maca extract, black maca extract, yellow maca extract, and tri-color maca extract, all of which are guaranteed potent and shelf-stable for up to three years.

We’re a family-run company of true maca specialists dedicated to bringing our customers the best maca available, which is quality Peruvian maca grown in the Andes where it originates. We’re proud to offer the best selection of maca products on the market, and you have our guarantee that our products will always be organically grown, certified Fair Trade, non-GMO, gluten-free, and as fresh as possible.

If you’re still not sure what maca product is best for you, check out our Maca Finder product selection tool, which allows you to enter information about yourself and your goals before making a recommendation. We’ve also put together an extensive Maca FAQ. Of course, if you have any further questions about our maca, we’d love to hear them! Don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616.

Enjoy the day! 

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