What is Red Maca Good for?

What is Red Maca Good for?

Posted by The Maca Team on 17th Feb 2023

Historically, Peruvians ingested their maca root as a tricolor blend like the one offered here at The Maca Team. But research has shown that the different color maca roots - red, yellow, and black - each have their own unique benefits. What is it that makes red maca stand out from the others?

Why Red Maca

Red maca makes up about 25% of the annual maca harvest in Peru. It’s worth noting that though it isn’t as common as yellow maca or as precious as black maca, it’s nonetheless our best selling maca product. So what makes our red maca so special?

Research has shown that red maca is generally the best maca to work into your diet in order to improve female fertility and libido. It can contribute to overall hormone balance, and has been said to bring about some relief of menopause symptoms. And it’s been said to have a positive effect on the consumer’s mood. It’s even believed to help women become more curvaceous.

Though red maca’s benefits are generally associated with women’s health, it can benefit men as well. Research has indicated that red maca has been able to reduce prostate size without any negative impact on testosterone levels. It also contributes to bone density in both men and women and has been said to reduce the likelihood of osteoporosis.

Our Red Maca

That Maca Team’s maca root is harvested from our fields in Junin, Peru. It’s certified organic, fair-trade, and sustainably grown. When you purchase from us, you’re getting 100% high-quality maca products that we’re proud to stand behind.

How can you incorporate this superfood into your health and diet regimen? We offer our red maca root in multiple formulations, and though none is better than the rest, depending on your particular needs or serving size, everybody is unique.

Let’s start with our raw 100% red maca powder. You can purchase it in foil-lined bags in quantities of 1 kg, 1 lb, and 8 ounces. When it comes to raw maca powder, we recommend 1-3 teaspoons mixed into your morning beverage, whether it’s coffee or a smoothie. Check out our full serving size guidelines here.

If you would prefer a capsule, we’ve got you covered. You can find our raw red maca, premium maca, and gelatinized maca in vegan capsule form. It’s still our pure maca powder, just easier to consume! You can take between 2 and 12 capsules a day depending on your serving size.

Our red maca root liquid extract is equally convenient and good for traveling with. It’s made with a proprietary process that uses vegetable glycerin to preserve the red maca’s nutritional components. Just take 2-4 droppersful a day and you’re good to go.

Gelatinized red maca is the best option for those with more sensitive digestive systems. This maca has been pre-cooked, reducing the starch content, resulting in maca that’s easier on the stomach but just as nutritional as our other formulations.

What about our premium red maca? You can buy it in all of the preparations we have available at TheMacaTeam.com, from raw maca powder to gelatinized (or pre-cooked) maca root chips. One thing to note is that premium maca tends to be a little lighter and color than standard air-dried maca root, and it also has a significantly spicier flavor.

Why buy from The Maca Team?

The Maca Team is a family-run operation built on our passion for sharing quality Peruvian-grown maca. We sell only the freshest organic maca with the best selection of maca products anywhere. We love our maca, and we know you will too.

Enjoy the day!

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