Maca by the Numbers - How Much Maca Should I Take?

Maca by the Numbers - How Much Maca Should I Take?

Posted by The Maca Team on 4th Jul 2023

Some of the most common questions asked about buying our maca and adding it to your diet relate to math - namely, how much maca should I take? We’ve discussed that topic a bit in the past, and you can check out our FAQs for the answers to some questions you no doubt have if you’re considering trying out some of our organic maca products. But there’s a little math (eek!) to consider when you’re shopping from The Maca Team, and we’ll take a look at some factors you should consider before you buy.

How Much Maca Should I Take?

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We’ve talked about how maca has no medicinal contraindications, and one thing we’ve addressed is the important fact that you can’t “overdose” on maca. It’s a food, not a supplement, so you don’t have to worry about experiencing any toxicity from eating too much of it, like you might with something like vitamin capsules. There are no real side effects to ingesting too much maca in the strictest sense, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to start with a lot of maca at once.

Maybe you’re eager to see the effects of adding maca to your diet, or you enjoy the taste. Take a look at our testimonials page and you’ll see some feedback from previous buyers who can’t get enough of our maca! That said, there are several reasons we suggest you start off slow. Some folks have reported experiencing “jitteriness” or feeling on edge after taking their daily serving of maca. One of maca’s numerous benefits, and a reason it’s been popular among the inhabitants of its native region of Peru for centuries, is its energy-boosting qualities. Experiencing symptoms like the jitters means you’re probably taking too much maca, and should reduce your serving size until you find the right fit. On a similar vein, if you find yourself suffering from insomnia, it could mean that you’re taking your maca too late in the day. We recommend consuming maca before 2 PM in order to make sure that you have time to burn through the energy it gives you before it’s time to turn in for the night.

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Additionally, about 5% of our customers have reported experiencing some stomach upset after taking maca. This is most likely due to the starch content of the maca root, which isn’t excessively high, but can be a little much for those with a more sensitive digestion. Besides lowering your serving size, we recommend trying one of our gelatinized maca products - they’re pre-cooked, which reduces the starch without the sacrifice of any valuable nutrients.

So how much maca should you take? The short answer is that we recommend 1-3 teaspoons or between 2-12 capsules a day, depending on your body size. That translates to about 2-4 droppersful of our liquid maca extracts. Consult our page on suggested serving size for more information. Another handy tool is our Maca Finder product selection tool, where you can enter factors like your weight, age, and desired results to get a better idea of which maca and how much of it you should try to achieve your goals.

How Do I Get the Most Maca for my Money?

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That’s a good question! Of course you’d want to stretch your dollar, especially when you’re looking to make a long-term commitment to improving your health with maca.

Most people who take maca are used to its powdered form, which is the most common formulation regardless of preparation. You can purchase our maca powders in three pouch sizes: 8 oz, 1 lb, or 1 kg. If affordability is important to you, we recommend starting with our raw tri-color maca powder. This maca hasn’t been sorted according to root color like some of our other maca products, and it’s the least time-consuming to process, which means we can pass the savings on to you. We import our maca in small batches to ensure maximum freshness, which means that our powders will keep on the shelf for about 24 months after purchase. So a 3 g serving of raw maca a day from a 1 kg bag means that maca can last you up to a year, making it the most economical option.

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We understand - there’s so much to consider when you’re taking a step toward changing your diet for your health. We recommend having a conversation with a licensed medical professional before making a big decision. And of course, we’re always ready to answer questions about our Fair Trade, non-GMO organic maca products. So don’t hesitate to Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616.

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