The Research Behind Maca

The Research Behind Maca

Posted by The Maca Team on 10th Apr 2023

The statements surrounding maca root, like many superfoods, are not evaluated by the FDA. Still, there are numerous people who consume maca root and affirm the positive impact it’s had on their lives - just take a look at our testimonials ( page!

When considering maca, it’s important to keep in mind that it isn’t a drug, or a supplement. It’s a food that combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle can really make a difference.

Maca For Wellbeing

The men and women of the Peruvian Andes, where maca originates, have harvested and consumed it for centuries - over 2000 years, based on historical accounts. Since then, it’s been lauded for its positive health benefits including improved stamina, fertility, mental acuity, and more. Our organic maca root products are sustainably-harvested in this part of the world today, grown on the Junin plateau by a co-op of local farmers who treat the land respectfully. When you purchase maca from The Maca Team, you’re getting a pure fair-trade maca product that we’re willing to swear by. So what can you expect from our maca?

To answer that question, we can point to the experts. There are numerous studies available through the National Institutes of Health that highlight the areas of improvement seen in test subjects given maca over an extended period of time. One such study identifies increased male sperm count, libido, memory recall, and bone density.

If that’s what you’re looking for from your maca diet, we recommend checking out our black maca root products. Black maca is associated with heightened libido and virility in those assigned male at birth, in addition to facilitating muscle building and bone health. Mix 1 to 3 teaspoons of raw black maca into your morning beverage for 30-90 days for the best results.

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Maca, especially red maca, contains glucosinolates, which are a group of glucosides known for their anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting benefits. Our premium maca products are dried through a process that results in a higher glucosinolate content. While the resulting flavor is spicier than that of our standard sun-dried maca, you have the option of purchasing gelatinized premium products, which are easier on the digestion.

Red maca is also linked to improved fertility in those assigned female at birth, and has been proven to improve prostate health and overall hormonal health.

"I have had debilitating hormonal issues my entire life. I was prescribed birth control to help with the symptoms but have recently gotten off after almost 20 years and maca has changed my life. I don’t even have pms symptoms anymore, mild to no cramping at all, no mood swings, and a light and short lasting flow. I think every woman should try this! Lastly it does take about a month or two to notice any difference but I’ll never stop using maca now." - Alex Shirk

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Tests have shown that yellow maca, which is the most common color of maca root, can positively impact antioxidant capacity; and it’s been said to reduce stress levels, improve skin health, and contribute toward overall vitality.

Traditionally, maca would have been consumed in a tri-color or “heritage blend” with no separation between the black, red, and yellow maca roots. Take one of our organic tricolor maca products for an overall energy boost and improved mental focus in combination with your health regimen!

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When it comes to maca, there’s no right or wrong way to consume it. We offer a variety of recipes that can give you some idea of how to incorporate maca into your diet, and we’re always available to answer questions you might have. You can Contact Us using our web form, or call us toll-free at 888-919-8616.

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