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Organic Raw Sundried Yellow Maca Powder 1kg

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    Raw Sundried Yellow Maca Powder Certified Organic, Fair Trade, GMO-Free, Vegan and Raw 1 kg (2.2 lb - 35 oz)

    1 kg = 111 Servings @ 3t (9g) daily.

    Maca root powder is a beloved part of life in the high Andes.  Yellow Maca is the most common of all colors, making up about 60% of the annual harvest.  Ours is made from roots traditionally grown and harvested on an organic farming co-op in a remote pristine part of the Peruvian Andes. . Yellow Maca has been the most researched of all 3 Maca colors.   To date hundreds of studies, all available publicly in the Pubmed database, have found it to be useful for energy building, fertily, hormone balance, mental focus and more.    Yellow Maca is indeed a nutritional powerhouse, containing nearly all essential amino acids and free fatty acids, significant levels of vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, and C, minerals iron, magnesium, zinc and calcium, a high concentration of bio-available protein and nutrients unique to Maca called macaenes and macamides. Maca is also an "adaptogen," or rare form of plant that is thought to raise the overall life force energy of those who consume it.


    • Certified Organic
    • GMO Free
    • Fair Trade
    • Never heated over 105F / 40C
    • Grown traditionally with respect for the land - near Junin, Peru
    • Sun dried, carefully processed and packaged immediately
    • 100% Raw and Vegan
    • Contains only 100% powder from Yellow Maca roots
    •  2.2 lb double lined sealed foil pouch contains 111 individual servings  at 3 t (9g) each.


    Best Used For:

    Our Raw Sundried Yellow Maca is what we started taking years ago when we found our farming cooperative in Peru.   We’ve always seen it to have a very positive effect on overall hormone health and balance.  This is the very Maca that has been consumed daily for over 2000 years to boost energy, promote, fertility, increase mental focus and more. 

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    Storage/Shelf Life:

    Maca keeps well for up to 24 months provided that it is stored in a sealed bag out of direct sunlight and at below 70% humidity.  (More storage and use tips)


    Suggested Use:

    1-3 teaspoons mixed in water, juice or smoothies daily.   (Complete serving guidelines)



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    Enjoy the day!

    Raw Maca

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    1. Interesting food

      Love the flavor is adds to my smoothies. Too early to tell about all the positive effects but undeniably feel more energy after my smoothies - not like caffeine - more like lots of motivation. on 28th May 2018

    2. Excellent

      My customers keep coming back for more of it. on 8th Feb 2018

    3. Excellent

      All your products are good and works very well.i hope you keep up the good work. on 27th Dec 2017

    4. Excellent Maca powder!

      Loving the raw Yellow Maca powder from the Maca Team! Mixes well, no aftertaste, excellent results. Best price and quality anywhere! I’ll be a constant customer! on 15th Dec 2017

    5. More energy!!

      I have a lot more energy and more balanced moods when I am taking my maca. I mix a table spoon of maca with a table spoon of bakers cocoa in about two cups of milk, shake it in my shaker...yummy!
      I had to go without for a couple months due to a mistake in my address change while moving and noticed how much better I make it through the day without getting sleepy in the afternoon after I started back on it.
      I have also noticed that I don't get as cranky with my kids and enjoy being qaround them more.
      on 10th Nov 2017

    6. Yellow maca

      I have to say that initially I bought the yellow maca for it's price (tight budget, I usually get the red one) but I got to tell you it's super good. I get tons of energy my hormone are still very stabilize. I only been having it for 2 weeks, so when I finish it I'll come back and give you my full observations. on 22nd Oct 2017

    7. Not as strong as viagra...

      ...but all the side effects are good ones. It works! I plan to eat maca the rest of my life, and you should too. on 3rd Oct 2017

    8. Love this Maca Powder...

      I was looking for a quality and trusted maker of Maca powder and came across an online user of maca powder and suggested The Maca Team. So without hesitation I ordered this powder and have not regretted my purchase. My order came about a week after ordering and was very impressed with the amount of time it took to be delivered. Energy level is great and will be a customer for a long time to come. It's great to have such a great team to work with should there be any concerns or questions I may have and that for me was the determining factor in becoming a customer. Thank you Maca Team I appreciate all you do to bring a quality Maca Powder to all of us customers much success to all of you. on 22nd Aug 2017

    9. Absolutely Amazing!

      A few years ago when I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism I started my journey with maca. Maca's amazing ability to assist the thyroid (among other things) is the reason I chose it. I needed it to be the best Maca that I could find and The Maca Team has the best. The taste isn't overpowering and I can easily mix it in my smoothies. Also, I love that it ships fast and I don't have to wait! Love love love it! on 13th Aug 2017

    10. Love my Maca!

      Thank You, The Maca Team for consistently providing top quality Maca. We use this everyday and love it. We also use it in our Lifeforce Tonics and knowing the consumers are also benefiting from your great product. Thank you so much on 1st Jul 2017

  • Warranty Information

    We are a small family run company with our entire focus on Maca. Our only mission is to provide our customers with fresh, organic, high quality Maca products from Peru at fair prices. Because of our single-minded dedication, we are able to provide the best selection of high quality Maca products anywhere. We also take pride in expert, friendly customer service. When you order with us you can count on fast shipping and full support with any issues or questions. The bottom line is that we use the products we sell and we treat our customers like we want to be treated. If you have any questions or issues, let us know and we'll take care of it straight away. – The Maca Team

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    Cost Per Day @ 3 Teaspons Daily: 36 cents