What Maca is Good for Libido?

What Maca is Good for Libido?

Posted by The Maca Team on 8th Feb 2023

Which Maca Is Best For Libido

There are a lot of pills and powders out there that claim to improve your libido. Purported aphrodisiacs include oysters, chocolate, figs, and…asparagus? Yes, even asparagus makes the list of “foods that put you in the mood.” Blogs and various websites tout cure-alls for low sex drive, many of which are little more than old wives’ tales. And the thought of taking a stimulant or undergoing hormone therapy can be a little intimidating. While your first step should be to consult a licensed medical professional, you might also consider trying out a dietary supplement that’s been praised for stimulating the libido for hundreds of years - maca root.

Black Maca Root

Black maca root is the rarest of all color maca root, making up only about 20% of the annual harvest in Peru. Historically, black maca has been associated with improving stamina and strength as well as the libido fertility in men. Research done in the early 2000s found that black maca root might even affect sperm count.

 Black Maca Root for Libido

How can you incorporate black maca into your diet? At The Maca Team, we offer our black maca root in multiple preparations. You can purchase our organic raw black maca powder in 1 kg, 1 lb, and 8 oz bags. All of our fair trade maca root is sustainably grown on our farms in Junin, Peru and sun dried before being ground into powder. We also offer black maca extract in bottled form, a formula that contains only black maca and vegetable glycerin. Our organic gelatinized black maca chips are easier on the stomach for sensitive digestions and can be easily incorporated into recipes like hearty porridges and oatmeal.

Red Maca Root

Some women struggle with libido and fertility, too. Red maca root, which comprises about 25% of the yearly maca harvest, is said to help with these particular concerns. It’s also been associated over the years with relief of hormone imbalance or the harsh symptoms of menopause.

Red Maca Root to help with libido and infertility

In addition to our raw red maca powder, we offer our black, red, yellow, and tricolor macas as premium maca. What makes these maca powders “premium?” Instead of being sundried like our standard powders, our 100% premium pure maca root is fresh processed immediately after harvest. These roots have been cleaned in a citrus solution, ground into a pulp, and dried under low temperatures. This process results in a product with more glucosinolates, enzymes which studies indicate possess anti-inflammatory qualities, and may even help reduce risk of cancer. Sometime to keep in mind is that all maca color roots prepared with the premium process can be lighter in color and more spicy, so keep that in mind when you’re considering how you’d like to work it into your diet!

You can purchase red maca root and all of our maca formulations as standard or premium vegan maca capsules, as well as liquid extract, maca powder, or gelatinized maca chips.


Don’t just take it from us - take a look at some of the testimonials from customers who have trusted us to supply them with maca products that they feel have improved their quality of life.

"My energy level is through the roof..My libido is great and my hormones are balanced I will keep this in my lifestyle.. I take 2 tsp in the morning in my coffee. - Shastina"

"I have been trying to get pregnant for a few months, but my sex drive has been low the last few years. I think it’s just part on getting older (35) but I don’t want to accept it. I have been taking Maca for a few weeks and I noticed a difference in libido after the first week. I’m taking Gelatinized Maca because I do have a low thyroid and I read raw is not good for hypothyroidism. I’m using a digital fertility tester and it currently says I’m in peak fertility. I don’t know it that’s attributed to the Maca, but my libido definitely is. Thank you!" - S. Marin

"This product has been amazing. His libido has increased to how it was 10 years ago!!! We have also noticed a diffrence with short term memory and mental sharpness. We ordered the pills to help with fertility and libido and will keep them in stock every month. Thank you Maca Team" - Jenny

If you still have questions about working maca into your lifestyle, we’re happy to help. Use our online contact form to reach out or check out our FAQ. You can even use our maca product selection tool to identify the right maca for your needs.

Enjoy the day! 

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