Citrus Maca Morning Jumpstart Recipe

Here is a fantastic superfood juice recipe for enjoying Maca with beautiful citrus fruits that came from one of our wonderful customers.   Thank you Saundra!citrus-maca-morning-jumpstart.jpg


  • 1 TBS Red Maca Root Powder
  • 1 juiced ruby red grapefruit
  • 1 juiced orange
  • 1 juiced lime
  • 1 juiced lemon
  • 1 TBS Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (optional)


Mix until all powder is dissolved or place in blender for 30 seconds. Drink or sip this delicious jumpstart drink through a straw.

We hope that you've enjoyed this recipe.  Please see our main Maca Recipes page for more inspiration.  And if you have a recipe of your own to share let us know.


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